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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Animals Have Rinds?

Ah. What a wonderful day here in Mexico.

We had a chance to do a little shopping and eating some local food. This is so much fun.

Last year, we went to a restaurant that very generously set out a big basket of deep-fried pork rinds to gnaw on while you waited to be seated. Mmmmmmm. They were fresh. In fact, they were so fresh that the grease they'd been fried in was still wet and made the whole thing spongy in your mouth instead of the crispiness I'd expected. Either that, or it was undercooked. For the first time I asked myself, "What ARE pork rinds anyway?!"

Regardless, I took it back out of my mouth and fed it to a potted plant that was probably less concerned about food poisoning than I was.

Since I'm writing this in advance, I'm going to stab at guessing that my girls enjoyed the market and bought:

  • Mexican blankets or ponchos
  • Mexican gum and candy
  • Bracelets with their names woven in
  • Slingshots
  • Maracas
  • Nacho Libre mask
  • Papier mache tree with skeleton ornaments

Want us to pick anything up for you?

1 comment:

javamamma said...

I'm hoping for Nacho Libre masks. And I want photos if so!