"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here

[continuing with the pre-written posts that may or may not be entirely, partially or remotely accurate.]

We've been here in Mexico for a couple days preparing for their arrival, and now they're here! Dozens of families flew into San Diego, and we went and retrieved them to haul them and their 7,489 pieces of luggage back across the border.

It's always fun to watch them as they come off the buses and see their new "home." It reminds me of Fantasy Island. I remember the ladies gingerly stepping out of that airplane on the show, holding their wide-brimmed hats and soaking in the whole new world they've just entered.

I just stand their grinning stupidly like Tattoo with my chubby fingers and squeezable cheeks, welcoming them to our tiny slice of Eden...and informing them where the hole in the ground is in case they need to poop.

Within an hour or so, they'll have their tents set up right next to ours, the children will be kicking soccer balls together and air will be filled with the sound of the air-mattress-filling pumps.

It really is just a large, flat plot of dirt that we're living on for a week, but we make it home. I always bring a section of green indoor/outdoor carpet that looks like grass to place in front of our tent like a front yard. It also doubles as a giant entrance mat which keeps the interior of the tent that much cleaner.

It might be the most valuable "extra" that I bring. Less valuable extras that enhance the quality of life in the tent/refugee camp include:

  • Artificial flowers for beauty
  • A couple of short tiki torches. I don't really light them, but it still feels that much more like Fantasy Island.
  • An inflatable sofa bed. I got it for less than $30 at LTD. Space-saving sofa by day; bed by night.
  • 62-inch HD TV. [Again, I'm writing this in advance, so I'm not 100% we'll be able to pull this one off, what with not having electricity and all.]
I can't wait to get back and have photos so you can see our idyllic life. If you want to see OLD photos in the meantime, my wife has some here on an old post.


Stretch Mark Mama said...

I'll have you know, I AM WITHHOLDING ALL KINDS OF BSG SPOILERS that happen to relate to this post. Loosely.

javamamma said...

Hope things are going fabulous on your trip. Really this pre-blogging is a scam - it only provides material that you have to re-write when you can. You'll have blogging material for months. Sheesh.