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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Maltipoo, Anyone?

So here's the deal.
Yorkies are making Cindy sneeze. While a YorkiePoo may only do that half as much, we just don't need that in our lives.

MALTIpoos, on the other hand seem to have no effect on Cindy whatsoever.

There are three offers on the table: a reddish-brownish-creamish one and a black one, both 3 hours away, or a whitish one in our same town. All the same price.

Can someone tell me the ins and outs of white dogs versus darker ones?

Also, feel free to help me make fun of the term Maltipoo for the mix of a Maltese and Poodle.

We're crossing the border tomorrow and somehow feel the need to make important pet ownership decisions while we're stateside. Or maybe we'll fall in love with a stray while in Mexico.


Jenny said...

Our old neighbors had a white maltipoo. Very sweet and cute little dog. I bet a black one would be super cute too!

Emily said...

Well, my vast knowledge is...well not so vast. BUT, I am allergic to cats and for some reason, black cats make me grabbing for Benadryl within minutes. Not sure if that's even worth typing. But there ya go. The lighter colored cats aren't as bad.

Praying for you guys.

Jennifer Raack said...

If you fall in love with a stray in Mexico, doesn't that mean he's dinner that evening? Just kidding...hopefully!

I have a Sheltie (and she has white and light tan colored hair). When we first got her, the light colored hair showed up on everything.....of course, we had dark blue furniture and carpeting (it was the early 90s, what can I say). Now we have light colored carpeting and she's trained not to get on the furniture, so the hair blends in. So, I guess your answer is, "It depends on the colors in your house."

Ya'll have a safe trip. May God use you all to His honor and glory!

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

Maltipoo-- sounds like a yummy tasting laxative. :-)

All the Arnold's said...

White Dogs Con: they don't stay white without serious effort. Pro: you can find them easily in the dark.

ET said...

I have no personal experience, but I hear black dogs tend to turn grey, white dogs also get kinda grey and dingy looking (unless you bathe them excessively). But I hear that brown dogs stay brown. I back my claims up with no scientific evidence whatsoever.

mrshoppes said...

White dogs = mud colored dogs.

javamamma said...

I, too, was thinking of the color of your furniture and carpet. I detest seeing pet hair....or human hair...mine really grosses me out so something/one elses makes me nauseous.

Tammy said...

Maltipoo??? Hmmmmm, I am going to google this at once to get a full visual.


HOLY COW....umm, Maltipoo. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I'm thinking the cuteness factor will not sag no matter what color you chose!! I'm thinking anything in a shade other than white is practical.

onemomwhosnuts said...

I have a black maltipoo and he is the cutest, most loving dog I've ever owned (and I've had numerous pedigrees my whole life). After two and half years I can't imagine a better dog. I will admit, he's spoiled to the point of ridiculous and can be spiteful and/or destructive when left alone, but this is due to my bad dog parenting. The black ones are the cutest and stay the cleanest. One piece of advice - get it used to being groomed. Mine now needs pills before grooming because he freaks out so much, after one really bad experience (his sister is the same way). I can't say enough good things about maltipoos.