"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Unbearable Heat, Tornados, Flash Floods and Peanut Butter

I hate that I've been away from the blog for so many long stretches. I really do enjoy reading and writing, and when I find myself crunched for time and unable to do either, a little piece of me starts to die.

And when a little piece of me starts to die, I develop a rank odor.
And when the odor gets bad enough, I come back to the blog. Hold your nose.
Anyway, you were probably wondering about my air-conditioning.
Well, probably not, but now that I've mentioned it...NOW you are.

I believe I previously mentioned the condition wherein the pipe-y thing that goes from the big fan-spinny thing outside our house to the big giant hunk of metal in our basement gets covered with ice in the heat of summer. Evidently, that description didn't provide the AC repairman with enough info to adequately rectify the problem.

So he had to come out again two days later. It's working great now, so we're celebrating by having 90-degree weather outside, flash floods, and tornado sirens going off three days this week. (You should see what 600 kids do at VBS when the sirens go off!) I appreciate all your phone calls checking on our safety and well-being. Just kidding. No one called, not even my MOM, but it's St. Louis Cardinals baseball season, so I really don't expect to her to make important calls until after the World Series. Anyone who's ever talked to my parents on the phone during a Cardinal's game knows exactly what I mean.

"Hey, Mom, we just wanted to call to let you know that you're a
"Hold on, Son...
Paul! woohoo! Pujols just got another
homerun!!!...yes, Scott, you were saying something about grand mal
seizures? Wait a sec. I think they're changing pitchers."

So it really is best if we wait to have a natural disaster until November, don't you think?

Well, between the air-conditioning repair$, car repair$, $upplie$, reservation$ and further travel arrangement$ for our Mexico mi$$ion trip, we're pretty much eating peanut butter sandwiches for a while.

Actually...God is good, and he's provided for all our mission trip needs (and even some wants), so we are definitely getting jelly for those sandwiches as well!

Our youngest is counting down the days until we leave to go build that house south of the border, so I have that many days to write a bunch of posts in advance and set them to publish automatically in my absence. That way you can pretend like you know what we're doing at that very moment. How synthetically cool is THAT?

As with any mission trip, we thank you for your prayers. I'm so excited to know that in less than two weeks, a very happy family is going to be sleeping and cooking and enjoying their brand new home that my little girls hammered together. And another very happy family is going to be showering two weeks of dust out of our hair and sleeping in beds with mattresses in a house with air-conditioning while staying with 5 of our favorite people in the world in California before coming back home.

I'm so excited, I have to take sleeping pills these next few evenings. Otherwise, I'd be up all night clicking my heels together and doing several varieties of jigs.


Jenny said...

I am excited to read all about your Mexico Trip. I'm sure that you guys are going to make some incredible family memories! Blessings!

Jennifer Raack said...

The Lord is good and provides for us in ways that sometimes seem impossible. I'm glad you were able to experience His goodness first hand (yet, I have a feeling this wasn't the first time). I just love it when He provides the much wanted jelly to go along with the much needed peanut butter...it just reaffirms how much He loves us!

I'll be praying for ya'll on your mission trip (and for the family you will be blessing while there). May their hearts be turned toward Jesus by your act of kindness!

mrshoppes said...

Thank you for posting. And if I had your phone number, I would have called to check on you and your family. (I already got chewed out for driving in the flooding to check on friends of mine who were only slightly under water.

But I did post in the comment section of your last entry wondering how you, Cindy, and your four children were doing.

And no, I do not want to imagine 600 children and tornado sirens. Our three are more than enough, thank you. God knows my limits and blesses me with the ability to be able to admit to those limits.

Big Doofus said...

We have a group heading down to the Dominican Republic to work with our missionary down there. Do you have a connection in Mexico?