"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Thursday, June 12, 2008

While The Mariachi Bands Sings Us To Sleep...

It's Thursday night here in Rosarito, Mexico.
[Actually, it's the previous Saturday night in Indiana. I'm writing these posts in advance of our mission trip. Hey, they don't have to be accurate to be a good read. Did you ever read Oprah's selection "Million Little Pieces"?]

We're a little south of San Diego and little north of a herd of goats. As part of the "advance team," we're preparing for the arrival of about 100 short-term workers coming in a couple days to build 4 houses together.

I feel kind of like one of those pioneers who traveled west and selected specific places to establish towns and trading posts and Starbucks and CVS pharmacies. We have a few tents set up in various clusters, but in a couple days this place is going to be bustling.

I've done other mission trips before, and maybe you have too. But so you can get a taste for THIS particular trip, I want you to picture a small camp of tents huddled together. Several yards away, a deep trench was dug that now is covered with about 12 outhouse in a row. Beyond them is a roofless "building" that is nothing but plywood walls and a gravel floor. That's where we'll hang up large bladders of water and stand under them to take our showers.

No electricity. No running water.

But lest you start pitying us, let me assure you, we are probably having more fun than you are at this very moment. (Well, I guess if you're reading this at the very moment that I have toilet cleaning duty, then I'll grant that you may be having the most fun. But give it a few minutes and I'll be back to out-funning you again.)

We have a few days to get our ducks in a row before Monday when we actually begin making concrete and walls. Those will be easy posts to write in advance because I'm pretty familiar with the projects. However, writing about the next few days is going to be a total stab in the dark.

For example, it's just a guess, but I imagine that Cindy visited the bathrooms as infrequently as possible today and at least one of our children is sorely disappointed in the selection of clothes that her mommy packed for her. Also, we probably ate some beans...and likely rice as well.

When I get back, I'll do some statistical analysis and let you know how accurate these prophetic posts have been. Until then, I can't wait to tell you all the cool tthings hat I'm pretending will happen.


javamamma said...

I think you must win blogger of the year award. Pre-blogging. Cool.

Gayle said...

Ok Mr. Smarty Pants. Only you would think to fantasy-blog about your mission trip. Can't wait to compare the two. Wish I was there...with my generator and my solar charged 5th wheel with a queen size bed.

Tammy said...

Hmmm, how is it you actually get your pre-posts to post on the day you want. That's what I want to know! Everytime I prepost, by changing the date etc., it's posts immediately.

??? You are far superior in your blogging knowledge. :-)

Praying for your family!

Ronnica said...

The smart thing about doing it this way is that you only have to update us when you get back on what was different than your pre-written posts. Much easier to catch up that way. Unless you were totally wrong.