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Monday, July 14, 2008

lefft-handed ppost

Just for fu, I thought I'd try writingan entire post with my left hand using my blackberry.

The main reasaon for this experiment is becase there is a harpoon-sized needle in my right arm here at Jim Bob's Plasma Sales & Bait Shop.

Now that we're done saving plasma income for our mexico mission, the next several gallons of liquid gold are going to pay for such necessities as gas, sugar-coated cereal and hair-detangler...or whatever else ends up on our shopping list.

[Note: I am doing a great job with my left thumb. My right thumb is going to start worrying about being out of a job.]

[Message from right thumb: "not wrried onbe buit."]

Anyway, I keep running into people who also sell their plasma. It's been affirming to learn that I'm not the only one I know who is "whoring out my blood" (as one friend puts it). I just saw a friend when I came in today, and we exchanged a look that said, "I can't believe they're paying us to sit here and read/blog."

Plus, I get to go home knowing that I'm contributing to the ever-growing plasma tv industry. (That what my plasma is used for, right?)


Emily said...

How much is YOUR liquid gold worth?

Scott said...

it's worth up to $260 a month. It's $20-$30 per visit plus various bonuses if you go often enough.
ssweet, eh?

Big Doofus said...

Do you claim this on your taxes? Any side affects?

Mr. E said...

I used to sale plasma to earn a little extra cash. In college it was $20.00 a donation, and shortly after marriage it went to $25.00 a donation. So if you donated twice a week it would add up to between $200-$300!