"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Actually, it's not like I feel obligated to write more. It's not as if the huddled masses are yearning to read my latest prose, and I am standing in the way of their last morsel of joy left on this planet.

No, I simply need to start writing again because my head is about to explode from all of the input without any output. And if you watch any of the twenty-leven varieties of CSI, then you probably know that exploding heads can be messy...even without the blacklights.

However, my fear is that the only things that may come out when I write will be about...



Ever since we brought home little Cheddar, life has come to a grinding halt. It's like having a new baby. I knew that beforehand, but I guess I didn't really know, you know?

Since some of youz peoples don't like to read about other people's pets as much as you like reading about other people's sad lives, I'll find more exciting things to share.

Like today I "finished" setting up our pool. It's one of those vinyl, blow-up kind. It's a decent size, 15-feet across and more than 3-feet deep. It came with a pump and filter and everything. We bought it last year and loved it.

When I went to set it up several weeks ago, lo and behold I discovered that I had thrown away the pump when I cleaned out the garage. This is exactly why I should never ever clean the garage. Evidently, I mistook the pump for an older pump from an older, damaged pool. Makes me wonder what else I threw out. Anybody seen Jenna lately?

So I ordered a new pump online yesterday and went ahead and filled up the pool without a pump/filter. We'll just see how many days our kids can swim in unfiltered/unpumped water before they develop green skin, worms or mange. The new pump should get here by the end of the week, and I fully anticipate that by then it will have its work cut out for it.

(Don't worry. I'll test the water, and if it's unsafe, I'll keep my kids out. The neighbor kids would still be welcome, of course.)

And if you were wanting a little puppy info, here's all you get today: Cheddar's in the habit of sleeping in his crate listening to an instrumental easy-listening music station on our satellite tv until the timer goes off. I'm pretty sure that if John Tesh ever visits our home, I betcha a million dollars Cheddar would absolutely get so excited he'd pee on the floor.
Well, a wind ensemble is playing "The Wind Beneath My Wings," so that's my cue to head to bed so I can get some shut-eye before I am awakened to escort Cheddar out to the urine fields.


Jodi W said...

What? No puppy picture?

Unofficial Representative of the puppy loving contingent of your readership

TAMI said...

Oh but we ARE huddled together and yearning to read yur latest prose!!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Yeah, what Tammy said!

It's a good thing puppies (and babies) are so cute because they sure enough are a crazy amount of work.

rthling said...

Oy! Try having to bottle feed a puppy every hour on the hour for weeks on end. After a while, it feels useless to go to bed when you know you have to get back up in 37 minutes to do it again. SOOOOO glad we're past that! Now we are on to house breaking. Won't be long before I sleep a whole night through, whatever that is.
PS. Zaccheus currently weighs a pound and a half. Isn't that great?

Amy's Angels said...

You an test the pool with the neighbor kids. If they're OK, then the girls can swim without wetsuits.

Tammy said...

So glad you are back to blogging, happily with your left hand while wearing your crocs.

I am SO glad.

Tammy said...

Oh yea, and I forgot while floating in your swimming pool.