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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Save The Cheerleader, Save The World

(Spoiler Alert!)

I like to give people a glimpse into my life every once in a while.
(Any more often than that, and people find that they exceed their HMO's mental health allowance.)

Today's glimpse involves the TV series "Heroes" and my wife. Some people watch it while it's actually airing on TV. Some people record it on DVR and watch it later at their convenience.

Some people (like us) rent all 7 discs of Season 1 at Blockbuster and barricade themselves in their home and forego eating, bathing and bodily functions because the discs are due on Tuesday and we must. watch. them. all . NOW. The show is addictive because of all the twists and confusing details like who is good or bad, who is alive or dead and who is going to spontaneously explode in the street (or not?).

So today, Cindy went ahead and watched an episode while I was at work. She gave me the following running commentary in an email so I wouldn't miss out on the latest developments. It's a good thing she wrote the explanations, because otherwise I would be totally lost.

(names have been masked slightly so as not to ruin it for those of you who haven't watched it yet.)

"Running account...I think it is all crystal clear now.

"Petr*lli is a good guy. No wait, he's a bad guy. But he may be a good guy. He loves Cla*re. No wait, he's killing Cla*re. Maybe he's bad after all. No wait, that's actually Syl*r killing Cla*re. So maybe he is good after all. But no, now he wants the Dr. to kill someone. So he must be bad.

"Cla*re is alive. She's brunette. She's hiding. She's found. She's being killed.

"Syl*r is alive. No, he's dead. No, he's alive.

"The other Petr*lli has a scar. He's good. No, maybe he's bad.

"H*ro is good. No, he is bad and is killing people. No, there he's good again. Wait. There are two H*ro's. Oh, cr*p. I have no idea what is going on."

That pretty much sums up the show. If any of you are producing movies and you need someone to write summaries for the backs of the dvd cases, just contact Cindy. She has a gift, really.

Oh, and if any of you were in the middle of watching Season 1, and I've just ruined it for you, just squeeze your eyes shut really hard and quiver a little bit...

and you can travel back in time 2 minutes to before you read this. But be sure to write a note on the back of your hand that tells you not to read this post.
If you don't watch the show, then you won't get those instructions and you'll just look really stupid trying.


rthling said...

Okay, I called it. You're weird. Funny, but weird.

David said...

Ah Heroes season 1 - greatness. Unfortunately, season 2 was terrible. I think they peaked to early.

Emily said...

I watched 24 once....in 24 hours. (well, not really, but it was 2 days, and my head hurt afterwards.)

I like movie/tv marathons. They whittle away at a boring Saturday like nothing else.

Jennifer Raack said...

Heroes...my whole family is anxiously awaiting the new season. I'm still mad that S*lar is alive.....or wait, is he dead........I can't keep up!

Stretch Mark Mama said...

We used to do that with BSG. Watch one episode and then three more because we.couldn't.stop.watching.

EEEEMommy said...

I love your wife! She is adorable! :)

Big Doofus said...

I've been meaning to rent those via NetFlix to watch the show and get caught up with all the hype. I still may do it someday.

Currently, I'm getting ready to catch up on the show Dallas, but I cannot find one of those RCA SelectaVision VideoDisc systems to play the discs. I heard that this fella "J.R." may have been stabbed or run over by a mule...or something--I don't know the details. NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!!!!!

His Girl said...

we are sickkos who do that too- did it with alias, heroes, 24, and the first season of lost. I remember one morning at 3 am when we seriously considered watching "just one more" episode of Alias. They were just not meant to be viewed like that...