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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spokesman For Crocs

[unpaid testimonial]
I had taken a moral stand against Crocs, those fake plasticy rubbery shoe thingies that everyone in the world seemed to be wearing.

They're ugly, cheap-looking (in spite of the large price tag), and ugly enough to use the word a second time.

Generally, I don't buy trendy clothes. I inherit some every once in a while, but I have no style of my own. Instead of feeling cheap and out-of-touch with culture, sometimes it's just easier to make fun of culture and trends and act like you're above it all. So no Crocs for me, thank you.

Then I got my own pair of Crocs for my birthday in March.
And I haven't taken them off since.

When I went to Mexico and California this summer, all I took were my Crocs and my steel-toed workboots for the construction site. (Oh. I also took clothes, for those of you who read things very literally.)
Camping? Crocs for sure.
Yardwork, mowing, pool-maintenance, sleeping on the couch? Crocs.

At the office? I've worn the Crocs there too.
Well, one day last week I'd slipped the Crocs on to take the dog out in the morning and then forgot to take them off because they are so comfortable. I had some explaining to do for each person who asked why I was wearing these blue plastic shoes with my tan dress pants and brown socks.

Sure, I could've driven home and changed shoes, but these things are like walking on foamy bits of heaven, so I suffered through a day's worth of comments on my clothing coordination shortcomings.

I feel so silly for having shunned these shoes for so long. Perhaps I should also give in and consider trying those new-fangled portable phone things or one of those countertop ovens that cook using microwave technology or what-not.


Jennifer Raack said...

Whew, if you wear them that much, I'd hate to get a wiff of those things.....poor Cindy! (just kidding)!

mrshoppes said...

I was the same way. Then I got a pair. Then I got a second pair. I now have an indoor pair and an outdoor pair. And, they are dishwasher safe. ;)

DidiLyn said...

I am firmly ensconced above the Croc fad so I can mock you and all the others who wear primary colored plastic footwear.(with holes in them?!)
No, I have never tried them.
Yes, I will continue with the snide looks and/or comments when I see people wearing them.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

I have yet to cave to the Crocs phenomenon, as well.
BUT I have watched person after person give testimonials such as yours, including every last one of my children, so I will probably be the geek wearing them 6.5 years after they have gone out of style singing their comfy praises.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

So you won't mind if I get myself a couple more pairs?

Ronnica said...

Thanks for at least admiting their ugly. Maybe I'll eat my words someday, but I'll never wear Crocs. They may be comfortable, but so are flip flops, but flip flops have the added bonus of being CUTE.

MLW said...

My buddy RTB blogged about Crocs today too...

HunaBob said...

I agree that they are the ugliest things around, but after spending 14 hours on a plane to Japan, they were heaven-sent when dealing with the foot swelling that happened on the plane. Given this glowing incident, it was only a matter of time before some ill fate would befall my size 12 black foot friends. We got the notion to adopt a rescue dog not long after we got back and, yeah, you guessed it, the dog ate the crocs (and trashed a $200 PDA/cellphone) and generally ransacked our house. So, we ultimately gave the dog back and have yet to replace my foamy friends.

Man, I miss my shoes...

The dog, not so much.