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Friday, July 18, 2008

With a Capital T and that Rhymes With P

And that stands for "pool."

For those of you concerned over our pool's temporary lack of a pump/filter, you'll be happy to know that Mr. UPS brought the new one today. Within minutes I had it connected. Admittedly, it's an unprofessional job, seeing as how it's probably the wrong pump for the pool with mismatched hose sizes and all. Fortunately, I used to watch MacGyver, so armed only with a screwdriver, a lemon, some duct tape and a bobby pin, I was able to get it to operate perfectly [almost].

I really had expected the pool to turn green, hazy and slimy by now. After all, even WITH the pump last year, it still managed to get out of control in a matter of days. So why is it that it could go almost a week this year and stay crystal clear? I will not attempt to understand the ways of the pool.

Since the installation involved homemade connections, I fully anticipate that it may implode overnight, so I've instructed the kids to hurry up and get a summer's-worth of swimming in today, just in case.

Also, I read online (which makes it true) that poodles and malteses are natural swimmers. That was all the info I needed to throw Cheddar into the pool and see if he surfaced. He did!

(This isn't really Cheddar, but it looks just like him when wet. Pathetic, emaciated, bedraggled.)

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