"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vulnerable And Home Alone

My beautiful bride is going to be traveling this weekend (galavantin' with Bethie Moore and coveting her hair), so the kids and I will be home alone for a few days.

I know it's dangerous to mention this aloud on the internet.

After all, stalkers who know that Cindy's gone may see this as an opportunity to break into the house and steal the half-eaten pizza that will undoubtedly be left out all night on the coffee table

Or some masked bandit may try to sneak in and wash the 3-foot-high pile of dishes that will most certainly be collecting in the sink.

And what if someone does my laundry when I'm not looking?!

Be warned. I have a nosy neighbor keeping an eye on us while my wife's away. She'll see you leaving that homemade lasagna on our front porch before ringing and running!

Thank you for your prayers for our safety and well-feeding.


javamamma said...

Wouldn't the well-feeding indeed be a miracle when Daddies are on duty? :) Heehee Just Kidding. Sorta.

Gayle said...

Should I send a care package? I know my husband wouldn't think to feed the kids until there cheeks looked sunken.

Kari said...

Scott, how did things turn out with the yellow jackets? Any helpful hints? My hubby messed with a nest of them today (purely by accident) and as luck would have it, they have set up camp inside a trash bag. Not quite sure what to do with this one. (Did the cranberry chutney candle work?) ;-)

Jennifer Raack said...

Hey, could you send that masked bandit my way. I'd love to have him/her wash my dishes and my laundry!

Mr. E said...

Send the pizza my way. I also havve a nosey neighbor. She once called the cops because she did not recognize my dad's pick-up truck. He was there to check on and feed our pets while we were out of town for the weekend. Lucky my dad is a former law-enforcement officer himself.

MLW said...

I'm sure you did very well!

Aaron B. Huddleston said...

haha Speaking of nosey neighbors calling the cops...My mom used to do daycare for Michelle Gifford's kids. One day she came to drop the kids off and my cousin was visiting us. His tags on the car he had borrowed from a professor were VERY expired (like 4 years expired). My mom introduced him to Michelle, "This is my nephew..." Well, Michelle left her kids there and drove to work. About 20 minutes after she left her kids with my mom and her "nephew" Michelle called "Is everything okay? I know you're an only child, so when you introduced that guy as your nephew I thought maybe it was a code." LOL She thought the guy was a crook holding my mom hostage, and she left the kids? lol Mom was like, "He's Steve's brother's son....if I wanted to drop a hint I'd've introduced him as my BROTHER..." lol Too funny. At least she called us and not the cops!