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Sunday, September 28, 2008

10 Things I'll Miss About Blogging

[Five days left until Blog-Out 2008, when I try to go for a whole week without blogging...all the while documenting my progress and struggles right here on my blog.]

My experiment is getting closer. In the spirit of scientific study, I'm going to make my hypotheses (I believe that's the plural of "guesses") about how it may effect me.

10. I predict I'll miss seeing some pictures of friends' kids. Pictures of kids make me smile.

9. I'll have a hard time figuring out what else to do in the bathroom besides checking Google Reader on my Blackberry.

8. That funny thing that happens to me will never be told, and your lives will be less complete.

7. I'll have to walk to the offices upstairs to say Hi to Emily and ASK about her life instead of reading about in her blog. ("Hi, Emily" )

6. Ditto for my wife. ("Hi, Cindy")

5. I'll miss the joy of checking StatCounter.com and discovering what odd searches brought people to my website. Seriously, EVERY DAY people find my blog while searching for "uses for shredded paper." Only occasionally do they find me while googling "really cool dad who has the world's best blog."

4. Conversations with Cindy will go like "Hey, Scott, did you read Gayle's blog today about the most incredible thing that totally blew my mind...oh wait, you're not doing that anymore. Sorry, it was really lame anyway and unmemorable. I don't even remember it now. Sorry."

3. I'll miss tons of homeschooling ideas. Granted, we don't homeschool anymore, but it's still cool to read about your lap folders, apron-making lessons, field trips to the grocery store and co-ops from hell.

2. I might miss some killer giveaways. Feel free to do me a favor and sign me up for any cool prizes I'd be eligible for during my Blog-out, okay? Thanks.

1. How will I survive without the joy of typing in those verification words like ijuweux and vfamow and libsuqd? I might go ahead and include those in emails I send at work, just to keep me from going into withdrawal.

Well, i look forward to comparing reality with these predictions during my upcoming week of internet darkness and personal soul-searching.


AmyG said...

The one thing I hope that doesn't happen, is that you have so much fun w/out your blog, that you'll stop blogging. I love reading your blog. So enjoy your time away, but come back!

DidiLyn said...

I'm worried. I heard that this can cause cancer. I'd rethink your experiment. Or try it on mice first.

Mandi said...

This sounds like a pretty scary experiment. I wish you luck. And I pray you come back unharmed.

Emily said...

Hi right back to you :)

Stretch Mark Mama said...

So glad you're "not" blogging.

Kelly H. said...

Your #1 reason made me laugh out loud. Love it.