"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Years ago, my baby brother Steve starting calling our grandpa "BuddyPa." Perfect name for the grandpa who took us golfing and bowling and swimming and on and on.

After a very long and happy life, he died yesterday. It was such a peaceful passing that it was a couple minutes before family even realized that his breathing had stopped. May I be that lucky.

He'd been a carpenter by trade, and among the many things he built were churches. He helped with remodels on my family's home and made some pieces of furniture, a couple that Cindy and I are blessed to have in our home today.

He lived with my parents for a long time as they helped him while he aged and things got more difficult. He finally became too weak for almost everything, even eating. How strange for a man who'd been so strong.

But now we are so happy that today and forever BuddyPa is with his wife and a son and daughter that preceded him in death...and of course our Lord and savior.

Lucky dog!

In the meantime, we're getting ready for the funeral and seeing lots of family we haven't seen in forever. It will be a refreshing time even with the tears.

Augmenting my grief is the realization that I have no suits that fit me. We're good with the upper body, but all my pants have shrunk at the waist and hips, helping accentuate regions that ought not be accentuated at a funeral.

I'm pretty sure BuddyPa wouldn't mind if I wear some decent shorts and a pair of Crocs, right?

Would someone convince my wife and my mom?


Tammy said...

Scott, what a wonderful tribute for what sounds like a wonderful man. What a blessing for him to just quietly leave this Earth and enter Heaven's gates and be reunited with his family.

I think Crocs and shorts would be ok, but Cindy may think otherwise.

Blessings and prayers.

AmyG said...

I posted in comments at Cindy's blog, but wanted to tell you, as well, that I'm sorry for your loss. Your BuddyPa sounds like he was a wonderful man.

Emily said...

He is a lucky dog. :)