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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Maybe If I Write A Post, I Can Delay This Even More

There comes a time in every yard-owner's life when, after two or three (who's counting) weeks, you really just have to mow.

I've already used up all my delay tactics, and I have nothing else to do but mow.

Once the battery charges up.

So while it's plugged in charging up, I've gone out to check the lawn for debris. It's not uncommon for me to run over tennis balls, rocks, shoes and Polly Pockets. It's a riding mower, so I'm elevated enough not to have worry about being hit by Polly's head shooting out from the mower deck.

Since it's been especially long since the last cut, I also walked the yard to stir up the wild life to get a move-on. A small herd of gazelles popped out of the tall grass as well as a couple of giraffes that were hiding there.

I guess I better get to the mowing. And then I'll need to spend the next couple days raking. Did I mention the grass was tall?


Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...
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Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Mark is out there killing himself doing that very thing as I type.

He's not the happiest lark in the nest right now.

Tech Daddy said...

Mine needs mowing too. Luckily I had a unbeatable delay tactic today - it's been raining all day.

For me, there is a glimmer of hope in the future. I have two boys, with a third due in October. I already have the five-year old pushing the mower by himself (not so good a straight lines yet) and the three-year old "assists" me in pushing the mower. A few more years and my job will only be quality control :-).

All the Arnold's said...

Two neighbors to my right -- I just happened to notice after looking at your lawn for a month -- has a grass catcher on his mower. I'm SURE he'd be pleased to let you borrow it. In fact, may I ask him for you?

HunaBob said...

My wife, Tammy http://greekgrits.blogspot.com, blesses me by mowing our lawn.

Eat your heart out.