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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today I Shall Channel A Junior Higher

We generally don't say the F-word at our house.

(I'm talking about "Fart," by the way, not the other one. Well, we don't say that one either.)

Cindy HATES the word "Fart" and claims that she has never ever said it. Never. Ever. She's very insistent about that fact. She flips out when she hears it. She's led me to believe it is not a real word. So whatever you do, do NOT go to her blog and comment using the word "fart." Do NOT do that or even think about doing it. But if you do, here's a link to her blog: http://stillhisgirl.blogspot.com, and the word is spelled F-A-R-T, not that you need to know that because you should NOT go there and type it in a comment.

I believed her that it might not be an actual word until today when I saw it in the news at msnbc.com, I just couldn't pass up the headline:

"Man Charged With Battery For Farting Near Cop"


Slow news day evidently.

In conclusion, do NOT go to Cindy's blog and tell her about this story or anything else related to the word "fart." (Of course, her current post is a sweet thing about a friend's baby's birth. That would be a tacky one to leave a fart comment on. So feel free to comment here but address it to Cindy.)

I'm off to 7th grade homeroom room now, then I need to check yes or no on a love note, then off to get my braces tightened. LYLAB!

[junior high moment over now.]


PJ said...

Yes. I can see how this article was important news at MSNBC. I mean, there wasn't much going on beside a presidential campaigning, suspension of a presidential campaign, "the worst financial crisis since the great depression, arguments about whether or not this is the worst financial crisis since the great depression, a huge storm in North Carolina destined to cause great flooding, people allowed to return to Galveston after Ike. Yeah, there wasn't much going on so we need some farting filler for the news. (BTW, I'm not going to mention important news about the personal lives of any American Idols.)

the hungarian said...

What about pooting or poot, as an acceptable substitute for fart? Only drawback is that while potty training a 2 yr old, it becomes hard to decipher if they said they had a "poot" or a "poop".. ALMOST as complicated as the current economic crisis.

rthling said...

And the really bad thing is that I read that article before you posted about it here.
I am such a child.

Tammy said...

Phunny, I had a post about pharting on my blog this week. :-)

Now it's not the F word.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I know you password and can take this post off.

Emily said...

I have got nothing to add to this post. priceless.

Scott said...

O.K. Cindy, I changed the password to "FART." I DARE you to type the word.

HootieMama said...

Am I the only one for whom this topic brings to mind one of my favorite movie characters? No, not the cowboys around the campfire in "Blazing Saddles"! Sweet Aunt Bethany looking dazed and perplexed as she queries, "Oh dear, did I break wind?"

(Of course, that would bring to mind Uncle Lewis and his response of "(Geez)no, Bethany! Did the room clear?!" ;-)

I needed that laugh today!

My mom NEVER said that word either. I thought it was a curse word until the 8th grade! We always said, "Windy!"

JH ;-)

Gayle said...

We call a spade a spade around here. Or in this case a fart, a fart. My boys would love you. Maybe you should come here in October while I'm there and you, Chris and all my boys could sit around all day saying, "Fart".

I saw that article in the paper yesterday and it became part of our homeschool discussion. We did a whole study on battery, the origin of the word fart, what it means to be drunk.

I'm not kidding.

Anonymous said...

Evidently the two counts of obstruction that he was charged with were not bowel obstruction.

Chris said...

I can't stand that word either! I am glad don't stand alone. My kids of course love to use it around me to watch me squirm. I don't even know where they heard it. I blame television.

Kari said...

I, too, prided myself in never using THAT F-word....that is, until I birthed three little boys. Now, I'm afraid it's unavoidable. Not only have I used the word, but, I have to hear it on an almost daily basis. And, my poor daugher, she didn't stand a chance against all her brothers. She's been known to use that word, but only to say something like, "Mom, tell Zachary to stop -insert F-word here -". See, even though I can say it, I can't bring myself to type it.

Good luck with your Blog-Out.