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Monday, October 6, 2008

Absentee Voting

Absentee Voting seems a little like writing a blog post in advance and post-dating it to publish it later. For example, I'll write a post at 9:00 PM but schedule it to publish at midnight or later. It gives the illusion that I stay up late and am perhaps a party animal.
Occasionally, I have to be careful, especially if I post-date it more than a day or to. After all, something could change between now and then. Like if I write about helping my wife color her hair (all-too-often occurence), it's very likely we'll go through another color or two before the post publishes, and I'll need to hop online to revise my post.

Meanwhile, once you vote absentee, there is no option to go back and change your vote. The next few days, our church gym is a voting place for absent persons. I'm thinking about going down and voting...but what if something happens later that changes my voting desires?

Like what if information surfaces linking Barrack O'Bama to shady colleagues in Chicago?

Or what if McCain turns out to have spent an extended period of time out of the country in foreign custody at some point in his life, perhaps being brainwashed?

And what if Joe Biden starts claiming to be from Scranton, Pennsylvania and served as inspiration for the characters and events of the hit TV series "The Office" which takes place there?

Or what if Sarah Palin turns out to have very little experience including PTA membership, a mayor of a small town and a governor of a state that floats in the Pacific Ocean next to Hawaii on most U.S. maps?

Anything could happen. Maybe I should just wait and vote on the actual election day, just in case.
Since I'm writing this in advance of my BlogOut to be published on Monday, October 5, I don't know what I'll choose to do yet. Maybe you have some good advice to leave in the comments...

...which I'll be able to read after I complete my BlogOut in a few days.


Stretch Mark Mama said...

I'm having the same issues. In OR everyone votes by mail. Love it that way, but it takes away the "last minute" fun.

Patty said...

Although even voting by mail, you can wait to turn it in the day of and not have to wait at a voting booth (and still have that "last minute" fun). ;-)

My husband and I go to a coffee shop and "talk out" the issues the night before the ballot's are due - kind of like cramming for a test! LOL