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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Paid $2.88/Gallon For Gas Today

At that price, I can almost afford to buy extra to horde away for Y3K.

(Who knows why this posted twice? It was lame to begin with; now it's TWICE as lame.)


AmyG said...

Y3K! Ha! And lucky you for paying $2.88!! It's still over $3 here. Share the whealth, will ya!?

TAMI said...

It's still $3.44 here, but - as for you - way less than a couple of months ago!!

rthling said...

$2.76 here yesterday!
Not complaining, but since when was even THAT a good price?

Tammy said...

Not lame, pertinent to the topic of the day! It's still a little over $3 down here in the South.

It's a nice relief after all the "gouging"-- which my husband reminds me was "not gouging" but "blah, blah, blah, supply and demand".

Whatever....they got us.

Christine T. said...

I paid $2.75 a gallon yesterday, and almost had a heart attack, it only cost me 40 bucks to fill my tank...not 60!!!! And, isn't it sad that gas was under 2 bucks a gallon, not so long ago?

Kritter Krit said...

$2.53 here! Woo hoo!

And not at all lame, posting it twice. I say post it five times. SCREAM IT FROM ATOP THE GAS STATION SIGN!

That's what my mom did when it cost her $75, instead of $115 to fill up her Suburban. (Actually she poked the nozzle and declared it "broken", until I yelled, "Hey, mom, look at the price on the sign!" from the passenger seat.)