"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Introducing..."I Can't Believe It's Not Filet Mignon"

I thought I would share my time-saving meal idea with those of you who are pressed for minutes in your ultra-busy lives.

Let's face it, we all want to be able to feed our children, but we also want to find time for important things like bonzai tree sculpting, yoga, graduate school, darning socks and blogging.

So in order to accomplish everything that needs accomplishing, something's gotta give.

Yup. Cooking.

While I really DO enjoy cooking--as evidenced by this gem of a recipe I created--sometimes we ("we" collectively as a planet, not just Cindy and I) have to feed our children something that's already been cooked in advance. You know, like leftovers, cold pizza, or...

...Chef-Boy-Ardee (and his lesser-known second cousin Sous Chef Bon Italia from our local Aldi's). OK. Truth be told, Cindy would never in a million years approve of this menu, so don't think less of her.

Really, the only preparation necessary is the opening of the can. Often, you can find the name-brand version with a handy peel-off top. But here you see that the standard no-frills version requires me to exert 5 seconds worth of energy to open.

But after that, it smooth sailing.

Just stick a fork in it and enjoy!

It really is precooked and completely safe for consumption. If you convince your kids that lots of children around the world would LOVE to have cold spaghettios, perhaps they'll just shut up and eat the stuff.
And if it helps, serve it with the 12+ pieces of silverware, cloth napkins and fine crystal to which your elite class of children have become accustomed. (Be warned, use of all those accoutrements will require time spent washing which defeats the purpose of not cooking and eating straight out of a can.)

With all the time saved by not cooking for your over-privileged children, you'll have just enough time to heat up yourself a tasty little Hot Pocket.

You are indeed living the good life.

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"More practical ideas" as in "additional practical ideas," not as in "ideas that are more practical than mine." Duh


rthling said...

Oh, that's just wrong.
But wrong.
(bonus points if you can name that movie)

Tammy said...

I think I liked your waffle post better. Wait, maybe it was french toast.....*shrug*

Anywhoo, my husband would approve of this supper!

Jennifer said...

Oh my! Made me laugh out loud! Looks exactly like something my hubby would do. :)

Miche said...

Oh that is great! I love the pictures! And the napkins! LOL!! And yes, I have done that on occasion, usually after a long trip with the kids, when we get back home FINALLY something from a can and straight to bed is a must.

javamamma said...

Confession time: I LOVE spaghettio's. Or it's cheap knock off relative. I know I'm a really bad mom but I do.

Kara said...

Somehow I am reminded of Bill Cosby's chocolate cake for breakfast when reading this post:) Love it!

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

The sad thing is that my husband would prefer your "I Can't Believe It's Not Filet Mignon" meal for breakfast. Ewwwwww!

Brooke said...


Wani said...

I feed my toddler spaghetti-Os out of a can... but the rest of us don't really find it palatable. I'm glad we're not the only ones to do it though!

Kritter Krit said...

Hey, throw in an after-dinner mint (in the form of a multi-vitamin) and voila! Nutrition at its finest!

Anonymous said...

Well, now! I feel like quite the accomplished cook today! I actually go the extra steps of scooping them into a bowl and heating them in the microwave! Who knew it could be EASIER? Silly me! Ha!

(Toss a Totino's pizza in the oven and you have a meal fit for a king!)

HootieMama ;-)

DidiLyn said...

I would need to add a Rocky-road PopTart, as I am usully somewhere in the salty...sweet...salty...back home to sweet... endless cycle of healty eating.
Maybe I could sandwich some Spagettios in between two warm Poptarts...?
Come to Mama, new tasty snackfood.

sandwiched said...

LOL! Points for creativity. My husband was impressed, too. "You can DO that?"