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Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Scott, And I Approve This Message

It can be really tacky to get all political in your blog, doncha think?

After all, blogs are out there for anyone to read. Who knows what a reader's personal stance is on the political subjects of the economy, abortion, war and white shoes after labor day?

So we gladly write daily about our personal feelings about cheese, sports teams, chocolate, music, and such...and most of us steer clear of mentioning politics.

I was about to write a generic non-partisan post about the joys of voting, but then I remembered,

Hey, this is MY blog. I can write about anything in the world I want. If I want to write about how much I love Velveeta, I can, even though countless readers will no longer want to be my bff.

AND if I want, I can write about how much I adore various candidates and I hope they get elected so they can ensure more unborn American babies will never see the light of day, or if they DO see any light, it may only be that hazy glow through mommy's skin before those nice American doctors jam scissors to puncture a hole in their heads so their brains can be damaged and sucked out so mommy won't have to drop out of school or tell the father or postpone the cruise to Cozumel.

I could write about THAT, but I probably WON'T, since I was being sarcastic about supporting anyone who'd permit infanticide. [If your sarcasm-meter was already switched off for the weekend, you might want to fire it up to re-read that long sentence masquerading as a paragraph.]
What do YOU think? Should I reveal my surprisingly shocking political views in my HoneyIFedTheKids kind of way?

Or should I discuss how awesome it would be to get a killer cheese sauce flowing through one of those chocolate fountains?

Or both? (Seperately of course, unless Sarah Palin has strong feelings about cheese fountains...which we all have to admit is a possibility.)


Jerralea said...

Why not? Let us know your political leanings! After all, it IS your blog. If someone doesn't like it, they can go read someone else's blog.

CAN you put cheese sauce in a chocolate fountain? If so, it would be awesome.

Heather said...

As long as you LOVE Sarah Palin, PLEASE post your political opinions here! Because I BELIEVE that we have the same opinions! ;) And I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE!!

Judy said...


Gayle said...

you lost me at Velveeta

DidiLyn said...

I figured I'd just say it too, and my reader would leave in drove.
But I should've mentioned Velveeta. Dang it. So you win.
This time.

rthling said...

Dude, you should put your sarcasm-meter warning BEFORE you start talking about stuff like cheese fountains and half-born babies!

mom of 3, hater of cheese said...

great post! we, the cheese - hating republicans of texas forgive you for that "fountain of cheese" reference.. We will however be laying awake having nightmares of drowning in a lake of cheese for days to come.

Jodie said...

You write whatever you want. If it's politics or even toe cheese, I'm coming to read and I'll still vie for the position of the most awesome bff that you don't even know.

Tiffany said...

I think you should submit that unusually long sentence mascarading as a paragraph to McCain's speech writers.

Tiffany said...

opps -spelled "masquerading" wrong. Lack of sleep is killing my brain cells...

Big Doofus said...

I'm sure your politics would shock most of us:

A middle-aged, concerned parent who lives in the Midwest, is a pastor at a conservative evangelical church, speaks out against abortion...hmmm?

I have you pegged for Ralph Nader.

Tim in WA said...

In all seriousness (seriousity?) I have wondered about this my own self. I'm such a rabid pro-life, single-issue voter, that I tend to offend people with the ferocity of my position. I have reluctantly concluded that I can't really write about politics much, because I'll do my own side more damage than good, by coming across too harsh. Lord help us, we Americans don't like people who are harsh, even (especially?) if they're right.

I'm Tim, and I approve your message, though. Thanks, by the way, for your comment on my Harvest Time blog -- I am a lifelong student of the many uses for 1/4" surgical tubing (and have been arrested repeatedly for such uses).


Jennifer Raack said...

You could talk about politics, cheese fountains, and dog poop, and I'd still read (although hearing about politics while your eating from a cheese fountain filled with dog poop might upset my stomach)! Or you could just write about the anti-christ....oh wait, that would most likely be the same topic!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say that you all are going to be crying in your chocolate cheese fountain next week when life regains a semblance of order with the new Democrat regime!

You probably didn't guess that I'm a card-carrying, bleeding heart liberal who cares about our country, believes women should make their own choices, hopes for the sake of those who need it that stem cell research becomes a reality, knows that marriage is not defined as a union between a man and a woman, and loves God with all my heart.

BTW, I'm a loving mother to my children...and I still love your blog even though we have differing views. We are all precious in the eyes of Jesus.