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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The JamBag Lives

I've already written about the life-changing aspects of the JamBag, which is a zip-loc bag filled with jam for squirting out easily on to PB&J sandwiches with ease.

They sell squeeze bottles that serve the same purpose, but who likes to spend all that extra money?

Well, I bought one. Couldn't resist. When it was almost empty, I couldn't make myself spend money on another and risk addiction.

So I went and bought a mammoth bottle of jam from the store. A hideously huge bottle that the children couldn't lift without help.

If only I could get the jam from Paul Bunyan's bottle into the squeeze bottle we're about to discard.


I poured the jam into a JamBag (Zip-loc bag), snipped a corner and piped its delicious grape goodness into the squeeze bottle.

Not a huge deal, but every little bit of recycling and reusing keeps our planet spinning just a little longer.
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Angela said...

The question becomes (that all of us want to know is do you wash the bottle first or just fill it up nasty and all? The jam bag sounds awesome by the way. How do you store it since it has a hole in it? Do you put it in another container?

Scott said...

Good question, Angela.
Technically, the JamBag is intended to be stored inside another zip-loc bag to keep it from spilling.

It's not without its flaws. That's why I haven't aggessively pursued a patent for my otherwise ingeniusly stupid idea.

Oh, by the 200th refilling of the bottle, it probably should be cleaned well. Would you do that for me?

Grammy said...

That is a great Ideal. Thanks for sharing it.

EEEEMommy said...

I despise those squeeze bottles! This post made me cringe...and shudder...!

Tara said...

How creative! My goodness I bet you really do save money ... The squeeze bottles of jelly seem to cost more. Thanks for the idea!

Monica said...

This is how we've been decorating cakes and cookies at our house. Except we using icing, not jam. Also this works great for filling deviled eggs, too.