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Thursday, October 2, 2008

T minus 24 Hours: BlogOut 2008

Only one day left until BlogOut 2008, my great social experiment in which I try to stop blogging for a period of one week. Seven days is a long time for me to go without blogging. The last time I came even close to that, Cindy started to receive sympathy cards from blogging friends who assumed I'd died.

So with one day to go until the plug is pulled, I feel I should make some profound and heartfelt statements to you, my dear readers. After all, depending on how things go during my BlogOut, I may come out on the other of withdrawal/rehab and decide to stop blogging altogether. If that is the case, I need to share some [potentially] last words with you.

[cue 80's love song: "Missing You" by John Waite]

Every time I think of you,
I always catch my breath
And I'm still standing here, and you're miles away
And I'm wonderin' why you left
And there's a storm that's raging through my frozen heart
I hear your name in certain circles,
and it always makes me
I spend my time thinkin' about you, and it's almost driving
Me wild
And there's a heart that's breaking down this long distance Line

I ain't missing you at all (missing you) since you've been gone away
I ain't missing you (missing you), no matter what I might say

O.K. So now as I recognize that the lyrics actually say "I AIN'T missing you," maybe it wasn't the proper choice of songs for this post. But read it in the spirit in which it is intended.

Now imagine that this song is playing during a scratchy slide show of memories from this past year of blogging with you. I remember the sympathy you shared when Chili Pepper the hamster died (or was it Caramel...or Chubby?). Here's a sweet picture of her trapped in one of her tubes. It is perhaps the best piece of artwork ever to have appeared on my blog [click here for original post]. I think it may have been one of my first original blog-arts and it inspired me to do many more, but none as good as this first one.

Or remember when you helped me select the right kind of puppy to look for when our family entertained the idea of dog-ownership for the first time earlier this year? We regretted that this particular one was no longer available once we made up our mind. But we ended up with a good one anyway. Cheddar is indeed a joy.

And I remember the day long ago when I began selling my plasma. Still do it now every once in a while, because it's just so addictive. Not necessarily a great post, but a really cool drawing of me dripping blood.

And I was particularly proud of my decision to give up lint for lent. Bellybutton lint.

[fade out "Missing You.]

I can see it's going to be difficult to give up this kind of writing for a week. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I'll miss reading YOUR blogs as well. Ever since we got that blasted dog, I feel like I've had less time for everything. While I've used Google Reader to read you guys, I haven't been spending as much time commenting as I used to. I already miss that, because you guys have such good stuff out there that deserves comments.

If you're really concerned about me though, you can check back here tomorrow to read about my progress and cheer me on through this difficult endeavor.


Big Doofus said...

This all reminds me of a scene from the movie Dumb & Dumber:

Lloyd: I'll bet you twenty dollars I can get you gambling before the day is out!
Harry: No!
Lloyd: I'll give you three to one odds.
Harry: No.
Lloyd: Five to one.
Harry: No.
Lloyd: Ten to one?
Harry: You're on!
Lloyd: I'm gonna get ya!
Harry: Nu uh!
Lloyd: I don't know how but I'm gonna get ya.

Kirby3131 said...

Good Luck - you are braver than I. I don't think I could stop blogging, not right now at least.

Enjoy your week!!

AmyG said...

Good luck with the blog out. Look forward to hearing how the progress is going! Hahaha!

mom huebert said...

It seems oddly appropriate that your random bible promise in the side bar today is "Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might." It's a sign! You can do this!

Tammy said...

I am not quite certain how I missed this award winner of a post.

I sure am glad I found it, so I could link over to the rodent stuck in the tube post. HILARIOUS!