"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Whew! Made It Through Day 1

It wasn't easy, this business of abstaining from blogging. I've written of the disruption this abstention puts in my morning routine.

Later, I discovered an even greater impact it was going to have on my life...at the Plasma & Leech Center.

As soon as the needle entered the vein to suck out $40-worth of liquid gold, I realized "Crud! How am I going to pass the next 90 minutes of my life?". I usually read your blogs and/or post during the leeching process. But not today. And now that I was attached to the extractor, I couldn't walk over and pick up that 2005 issue of "Gardener" or "Men's Health."

As I refrained from blog-related activities like reading BooDaddy's love manifesto and a dozen or more commentaries on the bailout, I really had no choice but to spend an hour and a half people-watching. I noticed for the first time that the employees here have name tags. No longer will I have to refer to them as:
*The Lady With 10 or More Yorkies
*The Guy Who Makes Fun Of People Who Attend Their Baby Brother's 8th Grade Graduation When They COULD Be Coming To His Wicked Awesome Beer Party
*The Girl Who Fails To Inspire Confidence In Her Vein-Finding Abilities
*The Guy Who Pulls The Needle Out WAY Too Fast.

Now I can call them by their actual names...if I want to. But realy, I think Yorkie Lady and Needle Yanker like their nicknames.

Obviously, I survived those grueling 90 minutes and the whole rest of the day absolutely blog-free.

I hope Saturday goes well. Weekends can be a hard time for blog abstinence, they say.


AmyG said...

I'm glad day one was a success!

Tammy said...

Wow.... "needle yanker". As a medical professional, that name terrifies me! :-O

Emily said...

Since we've just bought a new home...I think I might have to do the liquid gold route too.

I love reading about your blogging abstinence. Now I'm off to read your wife's blog.