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Friday, November 21, 2008

And This Shall Be a Signs Unto Yous

I dont gets to use my English major everydays, but every once in awhile a issue pops up that calls for a little bit of expertease.
For the last several weeks I've had difficulty going to the bathroom at the church where I work. No, it's not a medical issue. Being forced to see the following new signs outside the restrooms is painful:


(Yes, with an "s".)

My friend Emily who works with me is just as distressed and has put a voting button on the sidebar over at her blog. She wants to see if anyone in the world thinks those signs could be right. We've debated among our staff, and frankly, I've just found it wisest to believe whatever Emily says...because she is one smart cookie. (She used to be my secretary and then chose not to be...THAT'S how smart she is, my friends.)

So in protests, until those signs come down, I shall be adding a superfluous "s" every chances I gets.

I probably shouldn't do it around the childrens; they may picks it up and makes fools of themselves.

So go and votes and makes your intelligence voice heard.


Huse Yo Mama said...

Let's just make it easy...and cheesy...cause we all know how much you love some cheese.

Change them to:
Adams and Eves. :-)

JustAnotherBlogger said...

Heheh...the superfluous 's' makes you sounds a bit like Smeagol. Especially if you add an 'es' to wordses that already ends in s.

Maybe your church bathroomses are really portals to Middle Earth...

Christy said...

I say take a Sharpie and put an apostrophe on those signs! (Man I hope I spelled everything right. I didn't know you were an English major.)

Anonymous said...

Yup, needs the apostrophe, MEN'S... duh!

rthling said...

Superfluous shall be my word of the day.
Not too many people use it, much less know how to spell it.
*Or even say it, if you're my Mom, that would be superfulous. (just guessing on that spelling. Not sure how to spell a mis-pronounced word)
Cheers from NY!

Kritter Krit said...

Change to his and hers.

Kind of like the "men's" and "women's" option.

I think showing possession over one's "stuff" in the bathroom is an excellent idea. ;)