"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Hear It's Warm In Belize

Is it cruel to stop feeding and watering my dog during the cold winter months?

Then maybe he wouldn't have to go the bathroom, and I wouldn't have to take him out to pee when it's freezing and/or snowing. I'm sure there are solutions to this like doggie diapers or litter boxes or doggie catheters, right?

He's had a few "accidents" inside lately...like peeing on our guests' coats and purses that were sitting right next to the door this weekend. But I have to admit, if my options were either to go out in the cold or pee on the guests outwear and accessories, it'd be a tough choice indeed.


rthling said...


Tammy said...

Poor, misunderstood Cheddar.

I feel your pain, man. My geriatric 13 year old Labrador must be escorted outside for her outdoor activities and will not do it unless you are out there with her. Sheesh.
And now that it is freezing, I am considering just having the carpet cleaned weekly! :-)

AmyG said...

Ever tried the puppy pads? My Mom uses them for her dog, who has never stepped a foot outside, to do his business. Spoiled rotten dog!

Emily said...

WHAT? Is this just a 'for the blog' joke, or did Cheddar truly pee in some poor lady's purse.

I'm appalled and relieved.

phew. I escaped unscathed from the Newlands. ;)

Scott said...

I believe it was just ON the purse. Cheddar’s aim is not THAT good to get IN the purse.

All the Arnold's said...

Did I tell you when I went to wash my coat the next day I realized it was Dry Clean Only? HAAAA! So, what hurt it worse? The dog pee or the fact that I set it on the front porch in the rain thinking, "Well, I'm going to wash it anyway and they don't want a pee-soaked coat sitting on their floor." The things you do to get in ONE more round of cards.