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Monday, November 17, 2008

Misled By Hollywood Yet Again

I am a kind of science fiction nerd. Just kind of.

I don't attend Star Trek conventions or anything like that, but I really like certain shows and movies. One of my favorite movies off all time is "Aliens." My wife even bought me the whole boxed set of the Aliens quadrilogy or quintilogy. She found it online for a good deal; I think it was perhaps one of her very first online purchases back in the day. The great thing about it is that the packaging is all in chinese of some kind and there are tons of subtitles to choose from including a couple of Korean choices, japanese, several chinese languages. Did I mention she bought it online and got a good deal?

I obsessed about the new Battlestar Galactica, staying up till 3 a.m. getting caught up on the first season on CD. I beg all of you to just watch the first 1-4 episodes and try to tell me it's not awesome.

I also liked Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), which is pretty much the only Star Trek I watched consistently. However, I tried to like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It was just a little too unfamiliar for me, so I never got into it.

There was one particular character I remember, Constable Odo, who was a shapeshifter, or changeling. I believe his natural state was a blob of liquid plasma, but he could become any form he wished. Normally, he was in a humanoid form. (I think the script probably called for more airtime as the blob, but the pool of liquid protoplasmic actors is limited in the Alpha Quadrant.)

Here's a photo of Odo from his high school yearbook.

Changelings were very intriguing. Odo had to revert to his liquid state every so many hours to recharge or something. As a liquid he could slip through keyholes and under doors. Very useful skill no doubt.

So you can imagine my surprise when halfway through Angelina Jolie's newest movie "Changeling," it still hadn't been revealed who the shape-shifting alien was. I had lots of guesses including the police chief, the little boy and the 11th telephone operator down the line on the switchboard.

Then during some critical courtroom scenese, it seemed obvious that the defendent was about to liquify.

But he didn't.

Turns out that the Universal Pictures probably just used the title "Changeling" as an attempt to lure sci-fi fans to a movie THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SCIENCE OR FICTION!

It's a true story about a mother in L.A. whose son disappears and the police department--in an attempt to prove that they can get the job done--find her son, only it's a totally different boy. She struggles to prove that the boy is not hers, but the harder she tries, the more the police department is able to demonstrate that she's delusional, and she gets placed in an pysch hospital with others who have bucked the system.

It's an intense movie, and I really really liked it a lot. You should go see it.

But be warned: there are absolutely no Klingons, no time travel and Scotty ain't beamin' nobody anywhere.

Well, I didn't stay all the way to the end of the credits, so I suppose it's possible that at the very end the police chief liquified and went down a drain or something and escaped through a wormhole.
Dang! I should've stayed just in case.


Stretch Mark Mama said...

We plan to watch BSG while standing outside, looking through our neighbor's window. They have cable and we don't. And they watch BSG.

Jennifer Raack said...

I think you are related to my husband! You sound JUST like him! If I had a dollar for every time I have had to endure the Aliens movie, Battlestar Gallactica, and some form of Star Trek movie, I could put all four of my kids through college and take a nice trip with my husband to Tahiti......but who's counting?

Mr. E said...

I am currently about to start Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica thanks to Netflix. The show is great except for the oversexuality. FRACK! Sorry, didn't mean to use bad language.

I am also a huge Star Trek fan. Love the television shows, but the movies were not so great. I am currently watching the Animated Series of Start Trek, also thanks to Netflix.