"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quick! Cindy, Look Over There In the Other Direction!

OK. Now that I've distracted my wife and made her look the other way, I need to ask a favor from my peeps out in Cyberinternetoblogoland.
We're gearing up for our 15th anniversary. When I say "gearing up," I mean that it's well over two months away. It takes that long for me to figure out how best to screw it up, and Cindy needs that much time to emotionally prepare for the disappointment of what I plan.

I've checked into a few different resources regarding traditional gifts for certain anniversaries. Depending on which one I choose to believe,the 15th anniversary could be the year to give something made of:
* roses
* melamine
* crystal
* corrugated cardboard
* velour
* particle board
* cheese

(I made up that last one, but I think it's a good one.)

Actually, I think Cindy and I would both prefer spending money and time on an EVENT type gift, going somewhere and doing something instead of just another chachki.

Keeping in mind that our anniversary is right on the heels of Martin Luther King Jr Day, who knows what kind of budget we'll have left after all THOSE parties and celebrations are over.

No, seriously, being a month after Christmas is usually a financial strain on our anniversary plans. That's why last year we ended up staying home and covering ourselves in slime and getting headaches. You can read about last year's anniversary from hell as a base line while you help me plan something this year that's even better.

The things we definitely need to do (yes, I know we don't NEED to do anything. I'm using one of the alternate definitions of "need") is to get out of town. I've checked with Cindy, and she wants to go someplace that has stuff to do; a cabin in the woods with a hot tub isn't really going to do it for her, and who can really blame her after last year's lousy anniversary soak?

Keeping in mind that we live in Indiana, and that Lousiville, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Chicago and Bean Blossom are within a reasonable driving distance, does anyone have ideas of places to go and things to do to make a January get-away special?

Here's what is likely to happen if you DON'T help a brother out:

I'll surprise her by picking her up from school where's she'll be subbing, saying "Hop in the car. I've got the bags packed. We're headin' to the big city."

"Ooooh. How exciting. You are wonderful to take me away and to arrange for someone to take care of the kids."

[awkward silence. Then the next couple hours are spent back at home making arrangements for the kids while she repacks her bag because "I can totally not wear that sweater with those pants. Do you HATE me or something?"]

Finally on the road, the timing's all off, so we have to drive through White Castle if we're going to make it in time for the theater production I bought tickets for.

The rest of the weekend is filled with bad food, bad entertainment, bad hotels rooms, bad weather, and so forth. I'll try saying something like "Isn't it the thought that counts," bat my big puppy dog eyes and try to give her a peck. She'll say, "You seriously THOUGHT I would like White Castle, the stage revival of 'Ishtar,' and a Dominatrix-themed room at Fanta-Suites?"

As you can see, I need a little input in order to delay the Apocalypse just a little longer. Feel free to leave your ideas in my comments. Cindy is distracted by a shiny thing I threw across the room, so she won't be reading the comments (right, Cindy?).


DidiLyn said...

Take her the luxury resort/spa "My House." This exclusive resort is located in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon where you can ski, or sip hot chocolate, provided by your hostess, DidiLyn. (It's really less of a bed and breakfast kind of thing and closer to a couch and coffee sorta thing.)
You can use your guest room as a base as you sweep Cindy off for daily jaunts to the mountains,or shopping trips to Portland, OR the BEACH...her FAVORITE PLACE of all.
I'll provide crackers and CHEESE for when you return all hungry.
Think on it.

carrie said...


go there, they have all kinds of deals and such and usually there is at least one hotel listed that does a room and a show in Chicago for a decent rate ;)

Also, ya know you COULD take her to Medieval Times in Schaumburg...

Stretch Mark Mama said...

Maybe Hocking Hills (Ohio)? They have some nice cabins we've stayed in. Not sure what all there is to do.

Amy said...

I think all the Indiana state park resorts offer 2 for 1 rates on their room prices in January and February ... I've heard that Madison (home of Clify Falls I believe) is really nice. And, you're fairly close to Cinci, Lexington and Louisville?? maybe just maybe ...

Tammy said...

What? They don't have a Hole in the Wall chain hotel where you live?? You know the place with the champagne glass shaped bathtub, disco ball, and crushed velvet bedding?! Just tell them I sent you and perhaps they'll throw in the "Elvis is STILL King" suite for a couple bucks.

Gayle said...

New York should make up for last year.

Anonymous said...


This is supposed to be a really good musical. Tickets are on sale now.

Here is wiki about the musical.



Anonymous said...

I almost forgot. If you stop by here before the play, I'll have homemade cheese for you. :)

But that would ruin a just the two of you date.


Emily said...

I 2nd New York...

Stacy said...

I say go with whatever Gayle and Emily said. Only because they must be "in the know". :)


Tina Miles said...

St. Louis has lots of free and interesting things that you could do. We love seeing the zoo for free (much better then Indy's), Art Museum, Science Museum...the art one would be nice w/o kids. :) Oh and you can tour the Budwiser plant and get free beer at the end.

Patty said...

I'm not familiar with your neck of the woods so all I could do was google the following: http://www.excellent-romantic-vacations.com/romantic-getaways-in-chicago.html

My anniversary is in Jan. after the holiday expenses too, if funds are limited, we go to a nice quiet, romantic restaurant, or go for a couples massage at Dosha (an Aveda spa here in the Portland area) - and have coffee at a nice hole in the wall. ;-) If we can swing it our other favorite fall back is a night or two at the coast relaxing.

S'more of my Thoughts said...

New York City ..... or a cruise

EEEEMommy said...

If you go to Cinci, there's a fabulous restaurant there called The Precinct. There are some really cool bed&breakfasts (google cincinatti bed & breakfast) there too, but I don't know anything else. She loves shows...is anything playing at Clowe's that weekend...Happy Days! (I'm not kidding, who knew there was a musical with the Fonz?!?!) She'll LOVE it!!! I could ask my brother-in-law for some restaurant suggestions here in Indy.

It's a good thing I love my husband so much, because if I didn't this post would...well I don't know, but he never ever thinks ahead like this. TWO months!!! My birthday is Monday and unless he's totally got a surprise up his sleeves (not likely), nothing has been planned. Except I did have to totally twist his arm to make him buy me a CD at a concert (which I had told him I wanted for my birthday and he had not remembered, even though he wrote it down in his geek brain phone...and it was only 10 bucks!), but I don't know anything about that..."oh I am so surprised!" Did I mention that gifts is my love language? I'm not bitter. Love that guy!

Wanda said...

Ok...this is maybe what you are thinking....not sure if it's what she will be thinking.

In Indy (I'm in Indiana too) there is a place it's designed just for couples and it is EXCLUSIVE and FABULOUS! My hubby's been dreamin of going forEVAH and we just went on our anniversary in September.


I think you will both love it! I'm just sayin!
You did say anniversary, right?

Anonymous said...

Okay Scott I am going to do my best to save your bacon or cheese as it were. I don't know how close your anniversary is to Valentines Day but Cindy's favorite singer/bff is coming to Fort Wayne on V-Day. Let me know if I can help facilitate anything for you on our end. If it works out Maybe Doris and I could join you guys for dinner or something. Would love to catch up! You can send me a message on Facebook. C ya - Bob Hawley

Here is the info -

Star 88.3 invites you to a very special night that includes an incredible meal, an amazing concert with Mandisa and more. Saturday February 14th at the Grand Wayne Center in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne. Here is the link for the information. http://www.star883.com/don/share-love-valentines-banquet-with-mandisa

Julie Wood said...

I am not sure of where you should go. But I know how much a woman wants to hear how she is appreciated or every woman wants to have a romantic husband. And since you are so creative with words perhaps she would love a book or letter with the 15 reasons I love Cindy. OR the 15 most beautiful things or you could write 15 different clues and send her on a scavenger hunt to find them. Perhaps the last one could be a clue to your trip that you are going on!