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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Welcome To New York, Sort Of

I just can't leave well enough alone with the crazy signs. I know there are plenty of websites where you can see wacky mistakes and curious oddities on a regular basis. Some of them I'm afraid to send you to in a link because there is no guarantee that everything posted would be clean enough for your pure little eyes.

But here's a photo snapped and emailed to me by a reader while visiting New York City.

Phooey on those who have characterized the fine folks of NYC as cold and unwelcoming. Here's proof of the opposite:

"[insert New York accent] Welcome to our fancy restaurant. I see that you are in a wheelchair. Rest assured that we have taken your every need into consideration, unlike some of our competitors who have simply widened their toilet stall or attached a railing to the wall. We, on the other hand, have an entire accessible suite with top-of-the-line accessible fixtures, brand new flooring and walls. We even have a perfume dispenser (for a quarter) placed low for your convenience..."

"...all you have to do is drag that clunky wheelchair of yours up a couple flights of stairs. We just threw a frozen roast in the crock pot, so it should be ready by the time you get back to your table."
For some reason, Elaine from Bismark who sent me the photo asked that I not disclose her name or location. (so I made up a name and location. You're welcome, Michelle...)


Tammy said...

How accommodating they are in the big city! Funny.

Emily said...

hahahahahaah. That's so mean it's funny.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Nevermind that they will expect a tip on the way out of the "facilities". :)