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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Where, Might I Ask, Did You Get That Cool Scarf?"

Thank you for asking about the scarf. It's really not that big a deal, but I appreciate your admiration of its quality and appearance.

Because I made it all by myself.

Now don't look surprised. I'm a very gifted scarf-maker, and if you draw near, I shall whisper to you my secret method of scarf-making.

1) Buy 1/4 of a yard of fleece at your local fabric store, craft store or black-market fleece dealer down on 4th and Walnut. A fourth of a yard is only 9 inches, and the fabric is probably like 45 inches wide, so you've got yourself a nice long strip-o-cloth, a.k.a. a scarf and you didn't have to lift a finger.
2) (optional) Use scissors and cut several slits into each end, creating little fringe-ie things.
3) Wear it.

Yup. My neck was cold a few weeks ago, so I popped into Hobby Lobby and spent a whopping $1.29 on the fabric and walked out of the store with a very well-insulated neck.


My other scarf was even easier. Here's how you can get one just like I did:

1) Walk by Mary's office (if you don't have a Mary, I'm sure a Donna or Vickie will do) and say, "That's a really sharp scarf you have hanging there on your coat hook."
2) She then offers it to you because she has "plenty of others just like it." And she possibly feels sorry for you and your $1.29 piece of ratty fleece.
3) Wear it.

So there you have it. Two easier-than-dirt ways to have a warm (and stylish) neck this winter. Feel free to let me know of any other scarf-making or -taking methods that work for you. At this rate I'll have 10-15 scarves by the end of winter!

For more life-changing ideas, every week go here to check out other Works For Me Wednesday freaks...who most likely spent way more on their scarves than I did.


Tammy said...

The fact that you know your way around Hobby Lobby is impressive enough. The scarf crafting abilities are a bonus.

Ryann said...

This is the first blog I've read that is written by a man. I love it and I love your wife's blog too! Glad I found you, and the fact that you live in Indiana too, wow! I haven't found that many Indiana bloggers, wanting to find more!

Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

That's downright funny. And because it's practical too, I'm all over it.

Blessings, Whitney

david said...

HAHA, I was there when #2 happened and Mary just gave you her scarf. She's funny like that.