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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Have You Ever...

A) Have you ever sprayed contact solution on your toothbrush? (Or other such switcheroo because you were sleepy)

2) Have you ever gone on a trip and forgot to pack underwear? (Accidentally. I don't want to hear about you go commando on purpose.)

III) Have you ever forgotten to rinse shampoo out of your hair? (For me, I didn't notice until I was out in the rain and it bubbled up a bit.)

These are three things that I have done (the third one not so recently).
All you have to do is comment "yes, no, no" or whatever would be true in your case. Elaborating on your answers is totally optional unless there is a wicked backstory that must be shared with the world, then it's totally mandatory).

It's is a quick "meme" (which I believe is Swahili for "tree root") that I've come up with for our mutual enjoyment. You can do it with any number of Lhave you evers," even one. It hopefully serves the purpose of locating others out there in Cyberinternetoblogoland who are just as dorky/forgetful/forgetful as me. There ARE others like me, aren't there?

Hello? Hello?


Tammy said...

No to the first two, and yes to the third one. Except it was conditioner left in my hair and not the shampoo. And I noticed it when drying my hair and it had a nice slicked down look.

(glad you clarified the last one, I was imagining a grown bald man walking out in the rain with suds forming on his dome)

AmyG said...

No (don't wear contacts)



javamamma said...


BUT - my hubby is YES to #1. hydrocortizone for toothpaste - not good.

2. I HAVE once (in the recent past) forgot to pack hubby's sportscoat. He was preaching special meetings. Not good. I was not his best friend at that moment.

Tina Miles said...

No to #1, yes to both forgetting underwear (twice in the last year--so I have several new pairs from running to the store) and to forgetting to wash out the conditioner from my hair. I do that WAY too much b/c usually I'm tired in the shower and thinking of other things. I like to think I'm giving my self a deep conditioning treatment...but really it just makes your hair feel gross.

rthling said...

A)Not that I remember.

2)Not underwear, and not mine. I did forget to pack shirts for hubby when we went to Destin that one time. I can still hear it. "Uh, Honey, where are all my shirts?"

III)Like others, it's usually the conditioner that gets left in or forgotten completely.

Diana said...

Almost - or some other random combination in the dpeth of exhaustion.

Yes - only problem, it wasn't mine I forgot to pack (sorry son), so thankfully there are Wal-marts EVERYWHERE.

Not exactly. I have so much hair, it may just not all get rinsed, but not for lack of trying.

Jodie said...

I once sprayed hairspray under my arms. The cans are similar, ok?

Emily said...


Heather said...

Yes, to #1, just this morning I squirted shampoo on my loofah. Not a HUGE mistake, but still.

#2, yes, but not me, the Hubby. Years ago, I wrongly assumed, that he was a Big Boy and could pack on his own. Now, I have another "boy" to pack for every time. ;)

Yes, to #3, as well. I believe I've forgotten to rinse shampoo and/or conditioner on numerous occasions. I contribute it to all of my Deep Thinking while I'm in there. A girl's got to get a little peace and quiet somewhere. ;)

Mama Magpie said...


The Milkshake said...

1. Nope
2. Nope (I have forgotten my P.J.'s before)
3. Nope

All the Arnold's said...

I was once so sleepy, I started to put the bib on my husband.