"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Monday, January 26, 2009

But Will They Serve Jell-O In The Basement?

This evening, I was driving three of my girls home from basketball practice.

Off on the side of the road, they saw two deer feeding in the front yard of a nursing home. We LOVE to watch deer. We frequently get to see them eating persimmons in our front yard; they've even come right up to our house to eat our flowers.

So I pulled into the nursing home parking to get a better look. Even more fascinating than the deer, though, were the accomodations inside. There was a huge picture window revealing a beautifully appointed dining room, and Jenna remarked, "Oo. I'd like to go in there sometime."

"Well, it's a nursing home," I replied, "so maybe one day you'll come to visit Mom and me in there. You WILL come to visit us, right?"

The role of the "Good Daughter" was played by Shelby who assured us, "But Daddy, you'll live with US."

The love continued to flow, and I asked if they'd really let us live in their basement.

"Yeah," said Brynne, whose spot in our will is questionable. "We'll LOCK you up down there."

Giggle. Giggle. Cackle.
And then it was all downhill while they planned terrible menus to hurl down the stairs at us.

Yup. I think we'll be looking into long-term-care insurance.


Becky K. said...

We have had similar silly and "reassuring" conversations...

Only for us...it is applesauce...not jell-o.

Emily said...

Brynne just said what everyone else was thinking...."Yeah Dad, you can live with us...you're just getting locked up"

Becca and Adam said...

haha that's hysterical!