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Thursday, January 22, 2009

How You Say "Historee"?

What a week! We have been witnessing history before our very eyes.

1. First of all, I haven't been blogging very frequently. This undoubtedly means I've been working. Historic indeed.

2. And I'm sure one day you'll be rocking on the veranda of a southern plantation nursing home reminiscing with Old Lady Higginbotham about exactly where you were on the day that former French president Chirac was mauled by his own clinically depressed maltipoo (maltese+poodle). I have to admit that I rushed home to tell Cindy the news. I couldn't risk her finding out this bit of info while she was home alone with our own maltipoo Cheddar and a full set of knives.

3. Certainly, equally historical is the fact that I'm almost finished with taxes. I'm considering going ahead and filing electronically even though I haven't received all of my paperwork yet from banks and all. The IRS likes it when we "guesstimate," right?

4. Of course, overshadowing all of these other events is the inauguration of President Obama. I'm very happy to be alive to see this day come.

As a former elementary school student who was in classes with inner city friends bused in from downtown St. Louis in the 70's, I've grown up with the understanding that little black boys and girls can grow up and do exactly the same things as little white boys and girls. However, as we all know, there can sometimes be a difference between what CAN happen and what really DOES happens. A black man/woman COULD technically have been president for many years, but in the back of the minds of this nation there was the gnawing doubt, "are we really as accepting and color-blind as we say we are?" Many minority children (and adults) have experienced that phrases like "you can be anything you want" were just trite sayings at best and outright lies at worst. Hopefully, we'll keep seeing more walls come down and more doors open.

Admittedly, I can't take any credit for the dawning of this new era as I didn't vote for Obama in November. But I hope that even we lowly McCain/Palin supporters will be permitted to celebrate.

The next threshold to cross?

Putting a maltipoo in the White House. The Obamas have said that they're going to need a hypoallergenic puppy for those girls, and I hope that they won't be prejudiced against pups like Cheddar just because of one little presidential mauling in France.

(Chirac IS expected to live. Thanks for asking.)

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Tammy said...

Growing up in the DEEP South for 40 years now, I have seen some of the hatred and bigotry that exists in this country. Notice, I did not say exist-ED. Because, sadly, it is still there and I'm afraid it always will be.

I didn't vote for Obama either, but I hope his opportunity will lead the way for others and give more hope to the "hopeless". May he be an inspiration for many.

(yikes, was I that serious)

Ok, now for the dog...I say you volunteer Cheddar for a White House trial run. You know, just for a couple of weeks for them to feel the doggie-poo love.