"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Like A Horse And Carriage

With so many analogies at our disposal to describe this wonderful pairing of love and marriage, that whole "horse and carriage" thing puzzles me. Granted, it rhymes quite nicely...and is probably more appropriate and rhythmically appealing than other rhymes like "insult and disparage," but I think we can do better than a beast of burden and an antiquated mode of transportation. (At least I'm hoping.)

Therefore, on this our 15th anniversary, I've decided to embark upon a personal quest to come up with 15 better analogies for love and marriage...specifically my marriage to the lovely, alluring, fun, charming and witty Cindy.

Love and marriage
Love and marriage
Go together like...

15. Beef and Cheddar at Arby's. (the cheese, not the dog, silly.)
14. Black and brown which Cindy is pairing up in our new bedroom decor.
13. Salt and Caramel in Starbuck's delicious Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. (again, caramel the candy, not Caramel the dead hamster.)
12. The white gold and diamonds in Cindy's wedding rings.
11. Lime and tortilla chips in Cindy's favorite Tostitos.
10. Cement, rocks, water and sand...the ingredients in the concrete we mixed in Mexico.
9. Chocolate and peanut butter...(well, actually you could say chocolate and then insert literally anything in the world: pretzels, chips, strawberries, coffee, cardboard)
8. "Ginger Twist" hair color and blonde highlights.
7. Buffalo wings and blue cheese.
6. Sunday afternoon and a nap.
5. Colonel Mustard and a lead pipe (and perhaps a conservatory for good measure).
4. Satellite TV and DVR.
3. Bella Swan and Jacob Whatshisname. (Cindy's on Team Jacob, I think)
2. A couch and a large fleece blanket
1. Cindy and Scott.

OK. Granted, none of these really work well in the context of the original meter of the song, but the sentiment is there, I assure you.

And if I had to be completely honest, I might admit that sometimes Cindy and I go together like oil and water. Life's just funny that way. There are so many ways that the two of us are polar opposites, but that just means the "S" on my magnet is drawn that much more strongly to the "N" on hers. (Check your daughter's sixth-grade science book if that metaphor was lost on you.)

I love the two of us together; I think we challenge each other in such good ways that we both know we're better now than we were 15 years ago.

She's the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I don't tell her nearly often enough. I watch how she is with her friends and see how much she is loved, and I can't help but feel proud that she is 100% mine. She makes me look so good, that if I think about it too long, I start to feel bad for her that she's stuck with me.

I suppose I can return the favor and try to be the best man I can be for her sake.

I love you, Cindy.
Thank you for loving me right back.
Feel free to suggest other comparisons you feel are fitting.


Emily said...

I get to comment first?

Now I have stagefright....uh....Happy Anniversary?

G.L.H. said...

Congratulations, Scott and Cindy! The hardest part is out of the way, it truly gets better and better every year!

Emily said...

whimsical and perfect :) Happy anniversary again to two of my favorite people in the whole world!

THEhooahwife said...

Happy Anniversary! Your analogies cracked me up!

(She is Team Jacob?? OH NO!)

Tammy said...

I think you left one out:

breaded chicken and hot oil

Happy Anniversary to my favorite blogging couple!

{Jodie} said...

Cornbread and butter {or anything and butter for that matter}

Happy Anniversary and congratulations on another witty post. You are twice blessed. :)

Stacy said...

Happy Anniversary!

And with the words you used to describe Cindy- "lovely and alluring" are the two that I remember from your post- I'd say she's pretty blessed to be "stuck with you".

Mr. E said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys should come and guest speak at one of my marriage education classes!

I loved your blog about Jell-O being served to you in the basement as well!

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