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Thursday, January 8, 2009

No Dodgeball For Old Men

As I stood in the high school hallway tonight waiting for the cheerleaders to vacate the gym so our dodgeball game could begin (yes, there'll be time later in the post to address the subject of me playing dodgeball), some young(er) guys were discussing their weeks:

Punk: "I was on the Wii Fit this week, and it said my Wii Fit Age is 37 years old."

At first, 37-year-old me thought that he was bragging.

Upon further examination--namely detecting the disgust and shame in his voice--I figured out that he was complaining that he is in horrible shape and surprised not to be bedridden and expecting anyday to be shot and put out of his misery.

After being made to feel sufficiently old, it was time to suit up and play dodgeball. Yes, grown-up dodge ball.

Wait...holy Toledo! Is it 7:30 p.m. already? Wheel of Fortune's over, so it's time for me to take my pills and get to bed.

I'll fill you in on the dodgeball scoop tomorrow after my proctologist appointment and bridge game.


AmyG said...


javamamma said...

So to really know how old you are....how many pills do you take? And do you see ALL of Wheel of Fortune or do you doze in your chair until you head to bed at 8:30?

gopmom2 said...

I am 64 on wii fit!!! Hey in God years I am pushing 45 and basically computer illiterate. How old am I in dog years? Blessings!

Chris said...

When we got our Wii (for the kids, of course, for Christmas), I took the fitness test and discovered that I was 68. My only consolation was that my wife was 70. After a some diligent practice, I got down to 35. I no longer feel the need to take the test.

Big Doofus said...

Do they make a Wii Sit? I'd be good at that. Man, I hated dodge ball when I was a kid. I cannot imagine playing it as an adult unless you used Nerf balls.

Diana said...

As a fellow 37 year old I am thoroughly offended with you... oh wait, I'm 38, I guess the mind os following where the brain has already led.