"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Things About Me

Maybe you tagged me to do this. Maybe you didn't.

But you'll have to suffer through it like everyone else. So just sit down and pretend to enjoy getting to know me better.

1. I know just enough about Feng Shui to be dangerous when I visit your home and rearrange your furniture,
2. ***deleted because of it's graphic nature and because it involves my wife enjoying popping my zits*** New Safe, Non-Repulsive Replacement Fact: Bacon is yummy to me.
3. Being one of four boys, I was grossly unprepared for the raising of four girls, but I'm learning.
4. I know how to braid my girls' hair. I can't do a real French braid, but I can try and get pretty close...maybe a Belgian Braid? Or a Dutch Braid?
5. I took 12 years of piano lessons.
6. You can't tell.
7. I took 0 years of guitar lessons.
8. You can tell.
9. I love cheese. I honestly can't say I've ever met a cheese I didn't like. I even like stinky cheese. Possibly because there's a greater chance I won't be asked to share.
10. I can't wear low-rise jeans. Well, technically I CAN. I just care too much about your retinas to risk having my muffin-top burned on them.
11. I once memorized a whole book of the Bible in a challenge against my youth minister...who I don't believe bothered to memorize any of it. Some people just know how to push my buttons.
12. I can fall asleep just about anywhere. I shouldn't, but I do.
13. I must add something new to a recipe in order to make it my own. Cheese usually does the trick.
14. The only bone I've ever broken was my thumb while playing backyard football.
15. I don't know how to play football.
16. My first pair of glasses in 2nd grade came with a handy Fred Flinstone case and a free 10-year supply of self-esteem issues.
17. I think I need a second round of esophogeal stretching. Either that or I'll have to start chewing my food to keep from choking.
18. My favorite color is red. (I know that's a very boring fact, but when you buy me a new car, that fact will definitely come in handy.)
19. Falling asleep late at night on the couch with the TV on is a luxury for me.
20. I like to diagram sentences.
21. I was studying Communications and Public Relations before I decided to go into the ministry.
22. I attribute Laura Rich in Mrs. Fillmore's 3rd grade class for my life-long love of redheads and my eventual marriage to redheaded Cindy.
23. I desperately want to go snow skiing. Right now.
24. If you serve me scrambled eggs WITHOUT cheese, I'll be polite and eat it. But I may not stay at your house again.
25. My favorite sound in the whole world is my wife's laughter. I could listen to it all day.

The juju spirits require that I "tag" 25 people to write 25 things about yourselves.

Rather than mention 25 by name, I'll just say that if:
A) Your name starts with a consonant
B) You are wearing long sleeves
C) You have had the chicken pox,

Then consider yourself tagged...for what it's worth.


{Jodie} said...

Wow, you just tagged me! That's AWESOME!

And man, I KNEW I liked you! I LOVELOVELOVE to diagram sentences. Seriously. And I hate it when people do this, but I'm doing it anyway - go read my latest post. It has to do with this very topic - and a little more. Just do it ok.

This list made me bust out laughing several times!! SEVERAL, ya heard?!

OH--and here's that link:

And I leave you with the best quote ever:
I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences. —Gertrude Stein

rthling said...

Okay, my bloggy friend, I object to #2.
There are so many things in life about which to be random.
You have shattered my illustrious vision of the Scott.
Boo hoo.

PS. Last night I had the strangest dream that you and Cindy moved into my neighborhood. Now that was random, eh?

{Jodie} said...

Linked to you:

Emily said...


THEhooahwife said...

haha, well that was fun! (I like popping my husbands zits too... he HATES IT!)

I suppose I am tagged. I had the Chicken pox, I'm wearing a hoodie with long sleeves, and my name DOES start with a consonant.

I didn't know this 25 things phenomenon had trickled over from facebook.

Big Doofus said...

I thought I already dealt with this 25 Random Things tag that is sweeping onlinedom. Visit my facebook page. Perhaps I'll have to do it anyway.

Hey, here's a funny twist for you. I USED to be in full time ministry but now I work in Communications and PR.

On weekends, I dress up like a red-headed woman and...wait, nevermind.

But the Communications/PR thing is true.

Becca said...

Cheese definitely makes everything better. Amen.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Could you please diagram sentence number 11 for me?

Tammy said...

Yea, I had to bust out my list the other day. I was tagged on facebook 14 times.

#4: I'm sending my husband up for hair braiding lessons. It's taken him 7 years to master the ponytail.

#12: You and my husband were separated at birth!

Great list. Mine is posted on my blog and FB. In case you want to know 25 things about me!

Mr. E said...

Dang it, chicken pox and a consonant! Now I may have to list 25 new things about me?! Then again, since I am a recovering OCD addict...I refuse (at least for now!)