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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cheap Art Project Du Jour

We're still in the middle of a gradual bedroom redecorating project.

It started with painting the walls years ago. Then we bought curtains. And a bedspread. Then years later...different curtains and a different bedspread. It's kind of an evolutionary thing based mostly on sales at TJ Maxx, Target or Kohls.

The new bedspread made some personal attacks on the old artwork on the walls, so the art just up and left one day. Who can blame it?

To replace it, we took the old frames and painted them black using paint we had laying around.

Then we took some scrapbook paper and cut into smaller pieces to assemble into a collage of coordinating styles and/or colors.

It really was a pretty cheap project. One of the things I like most about it is the textures in the papers. There was some with embossing, some with shininess and some with fuzzy feltiness.
Looking at it in these photos, I realize that the with the matting being the same color as the walls, it appears that the artwork is floating inside the frames. Maybe I repaint the matting (yes, it's painted because it's cheaper than buying new mattes).

I think it turned out decent enough to last the next couple of months until my wife decides the bedroom should be decorating in shades of pink and lime green.
As almost always, these crazy ideas on Wednesdays are spurred on by our friends over at Rocksinmydryer who host a list every week, except this is her last week because it's moving to a new site next week. These things happen, folks.


Michelle@Life with Three said...

That's a great idea -- I'm trying to spruce up a master bath, and this would be way cheaper than finding prints to hang!

imadramamama said...

Actually, until you said other wise, I thought they WERE floating frames. I like the effect!

rthling said...

Yep, I thought you guys were all chic and everything, floating the cool art work between two panes of glass, until you shattered my illusions by telling me the matting was PAINTED to match the walls.
How could you ruin my beautiful, beautiful illusion???!!!!
But, I have to say, I still like what you've done to the place. (not that I ever saw what the place looked like before you done it, or anything...)

FromThe Creek said...

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing this tip!

Emily said...

My husband doesn't do art. You're crazy.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

When you say, "we" throughout this post, who are you talking about?

Wani said...

Those look great!! I might have to try that in our room. The artwork we have now is actually pictures from an old calendar. It sounds worse than it actually is. They are pretty b&w shots of Paris... not bad but we've had them for a long time and I'd like more color.

Mr. E said...

Cool idea!