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Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Hear The Floss is Really That Good

I don't usually use my blog as a forum to mock people. Sometimes it just happens accidentally, but it's not my intention.

Except today.

My father-in-law (I hope you're reading this Byron, because I love you) made an overnight trip to Ohio this week. Before he left, I asked him what the trip was for.

He'd moved from there last year, so I figured there might be some business to wrap up or an old friend to visit.

"Oh, I can't find the kind of dental floss I like here in town, so I'm going to my store in Columbus that has it."

You know, you shouldn't neglect your gums.

"So you're spending all that gas money in order to drive to the next state to buy floss?"

He just smiled like he'd suckered me into believing the most ridiculous thing.

"No, silly....
...I'm also getting some Gas-X. There's this flavor that I like that I haven't been able to find..."

He really is a cartoon character in so many ways.

Before I leave you thinking that my father-in-law is some neurotic, gassy, floss-obsessed maniac, I should add that he finally ended his charade and confessed that he was going to go ahead and meet some friends since he was already going to be in town. That's pretty smart thinkin'.


Becky K. said...

That was cute!

AmyG said...

LOL... funny! I once had a friend that traveled from Ft Lauderdale, FL to North Carolina, to go to the doctor! Yep, she loved her so much, that she refused to get another, lol.

Marie said...

Is Byron single? He's totally my kind of dude!

Happy Valentine's Day to Scott, Cindy and the four little ones.


Emily said...

That's totally original! I like people who you can't tell if they're joking or not. Clever!

javamamma said...

Uh, can I say that I can relate? Moving is tough on a soul.