"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"I Saw An Evil In Her Eyes"

You probably don't spend your evenings glued to the TV watching "American Idol."

Yeah, me neither.

Except I do.

And tonight I am so glad I did, because we were able to witness the intense drama that is "Group Week" when all these divas and soloists are forced to work together with strangers and try to still sound good. It works for some...but not so much for others.

And when they sink, well, clearly it's because Paula is evil. Best quote of the night was the young man who got the boot and then explained that he saw a side of Paula that he never knew was there.

"I saw an evil in her eyes."

When the producers replayed some close-up Paula footage, sure enough. There was the evil:

Cindy and I laughed so hard at this shot on the TV, that I had little choice but to rewind it over and over and over and over. She laughed more and more each time.
I guarantee you, if you copy this photo and insert it in an email and send it to Cindy, she will wet her pants.


AmyG said...

I laughed too... but it really is a creepy picture! lol

Tammy said...

It certainly was up there for comment of the night. I got a bit sidetracked by the little boy covered in tattoos and mouth piercings who seemed to be in a tiz the entire show. And he made it through! And thank the GOOD Lord bikini girl went home.

Becky K. said...

We were cracking up!
Great editing.

Kritter Krit said...

Let me just first say, I'm sooooooo glad you're back doing AI recaps! I had forgotten, but that's how I found you in the first place. Aw. Momentus.

I love the delusions some of these contestants allow themselves as explanation for why they got the boot. Stunk it up singing off-key and off-beat: it's the evil in Paula's eyes!!!! That's the problem.

Hubs and I were cracking up about good 'ole Red Eye when our 4-year old walked through the room. She stopped abruptly and said, "That's not funny, you guys. THAT'S scary and weird."


If Frazzled Mouth-Piercing Boy makes it through, I will have a fit that rivals the ones he's been throwing. Poor little lip-quivery thing has cried a river already and we're not even to the Meaty Goodness of the show. I hope he's hydrating with lots and lots of Gatorade.

I love the guy with the glasses who lost his wife. GREAT VOICE. Very likeable. Gets a "yum" in the looks department. Yep. He is my pick right now. ...For that reason, I should probably learn his name. =)

Emily said...

I haven't seen this episode yet...talk about spoiler. SHOOT. Ya jerk.

But I guess I'll still watch it to see bikini girl get the boot. Stupid, wench.

did I just say that to a minister?