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Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Guessing She Just Came From Starbuck's

I'm not usually one to post weird videos people send me.

However, this particular one of a woman in an airport made me curious. Who knows, maybe it's all over the web already. I had the option of reading the story that went along with it to explain her behavior, but I find it more exciting sometimes not to know any background. This way, I'm free to imagine any number of scenarios explaining the hysteria you're about to witness. Since she is screaming/crying/bansheeing in a foreign tongue, it may be difficult to know which of the following may be the case:

a) She just found out her DVR failed to record the latest episode of "The Bachelor."
b) Her husband got her those nasty chalk-flavored conversation hearts for Valentine's Day when he knows she prefers the heart-shaped Sweet Tarts.
c) Sanjaya was in the airport.
d) She has a weigh-in for her wrestling match in one hour, and she read somewhere that you burn 672 calories for every minute of a hysterical fit you throw in an airport.
e) She realized that she could've saved $15 on her car insurance.
f) She forgot she was smuggling her illegal jalepeno juice on board in a used eye drops bottle.
g) She and her family are killing time waiting for their flight by playing Charades. "Rhymes with 'schmazed vunatic.' "
h) She just discovered that the clothes, hair dryer and 18 bottles of duty-free liquor she thought she had put in her checked luggage were really in her baby's stroller. So the baby must be...

Well, you watch and see if you come up with any better ideas and let me know:


javamamma said...

I just told my kids if they ever act like that I'm gonna beat 'em.

Tammy said...

Here's what that would be in MY work world:

You were on call from home. And after working straight from 7am to 6pm, you go home to eat supper and fall asleep 2 hours before the phone rings and you have to return to work for the next 3 hours!

I am almost positive this is how I looked coming back into the OR doors at 10:30pm last week.

Kritter Krit said...

Hee. I'm going with "g".

Sophie just ran in while I was watching Hissy Fit Woman in action. Her mouth fell open cartoon-like, and she said, "Wait a minute, Mama! I need to get my camera to take a picture of that weird lady!"

Diana said...

I think her husband just told her his first wife was a better cook.

Marie said...

The poor thing! She's at O'Hare airport in Chicago and they cancelled her flight because they saw 18 rain drops (they do that a lot). I am positive that's what happened because I've been there, done that!! lol


Judy said...

I'm guessing her husband shot the video just to prove..."And this is what I live with!"