"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Saturday, February 7, 2009

In Case You're Closely Following Our Lives Like Stalkers

As the week draws to a close, some follow-ups on this week's posts and other events in the news:

* The snowman featured in yesterday's post succombed finally to the sudden 50+ degree temperatures. I'm fairly sure his scarf, hat, and face pieces will just sit in the front yard till mowing season. That's how we roll.

* I want to thank the three or four you who took me up on my challenge to email Cindy the photo of Evil Paula Abdul. I regret to inform you, however, that she didn't have the response I'd predicted, but she did laugh and roll her eyes which is still worth something where I come from.

* In checking on our bank account, we found that our federal tax refund AND our state refund came on the exact same day. Surely it's a sign that we should blow it entirely on comic books, bubble gum and hair care products.

* Our 4th grader is being a very good music student and practicing her recorder (you know, that musical pipe thingie) constantly. Evidently, mastery of the instrument involves playing "Hot Cross Buns" and only "Hot Cross Buns" non-stop throughout the house. It's stuck in our heads, so Cindy is singing the song right now as she goes up the stairs, "One a penny, two a penny, %$#@&! buns."

Now if only next week can be just as exciting.


Tammy said...

Buy three more recorders. I guarantee it will be more exciting!

Starr said...

Pretty sure "hot cross buns" is what I had to play on the recorder 20 years ago when I was in Elementary School. Nothing new under the sun. :-)

javamamma said...

Have you heard Hot Cross Buns on the trumpet? I have. LOTS of times, last fall.

Karen said...

Thank you! I am closely following your lives like a stalker and now I can proceed with my day since you've updated us on everything. What a relief!

Our earlier-in-the-season snowman wore a scarf, gloves, and a hard hat (don't ask). I'm pretty sure those items are still buried in the front yard. Yeah, that's how we roll, too. The question now is who will ultimately pick them up. Pretty sure it won't be the child who used them. If your kids actually pick their snowman clothes/face parts up, would you mind sharing how you get that to happen?

I'll be lurking in the shadows, waiting for that answer.

Oh, one more thing. Be thankful that at least your dd plays a recognizable tune on her recorder. Random blasts of notes for hours on end isn't any more pleasant, trust me.

Is "hair products" actually code for "cheese"?

Emily said...

I read this to Jim and we both agree that the recorder is evil.

Big Doofus said...

All of the information you provided will go into the database that I'm keeping. Thanks.

P.S. According to my records, it time for you to change the furnace filter.

Jody said...

I am one of those weird stalkers who often reads your blog, but never (maybe once, can't remember) comments. Mentioning your
4th grader playing the recorder has brought me out of the shadows. My 4th grader has also shared Hot Cross Buns with us more times than I can count. Over Christmas her uncle taught her how to play Amazing Grace. That hymn will never be the same for me. Maybe we should start a support group. :):):)