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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not Really A LOT About American Idol

I'm not really expecting to dive head-first into live-blogging for American Idol until we get to the final 12. However, I'm cozy here in bed with a plate of cheeses, both cheddar and smoky swiss; the TV is on American Idol; my wife is blogging furiously next to me.

So clearly, I have no choice but to whip out my Blackberry and toss out a quick post.

I apologize for not paying close attention to names at this point in the game. I was told that once you name a puppy, you'll have a hard time giving it up. But if you're watching along with me, then you'll know who I'm talking about. Here are a few that stuck out (for better or for worse, mostly for worse):

* Stretchy Tight Black Pants Girl

* Something Bradddddddy

* Bluesy, Long Necklace Girl

* Home Improvement Warehouse Boy

* Not Taylor Swift

* Anoop Desai (OK. I got his name, but mainly because we rewound it to find out so I wouldn't sound racist by referring to him as "that Indian-ish" dude. Thank goodness I didn't. Whew.)

* Oil Rigger

* The Girl Who Feels Like A Natural Woman

* The Guy Who Remembered the Lyrics This Time

* Crying Drama Queen

* The Hero Guy Who Has Glasses Like I Should Get

I think I missed a couple here or there when I was dealing with the cheese and crackers, but I'm going to have to finish typing so I can dial 1-866-IDOLS-12 and vote for my glasses.

So here's who going to make it, per my prediction:
Guy: Glasses
Girl: Necklace
Next: Drama Queen


Kritter Krit said...


joannmski said...

You are cracking me up with the names!! That is brilliant. I also agree with you, although I do like as a third anoop dog, but would not call him a dark horse for fear of being racist also.

Thrifty Gal said...

Awesome post! My first time to your blog ~ FUN! ;)

Sherri's Southern Style said...

LOVE the glasses! and that plate of cheese and crackers sounds pretty good too...

Stretch Mark Mama said...

Well. I'm glad AI is back simply for your (and BooMama's) updates. Let the good times roll.

Sometimes when hubs and I are feeling cheeky, we give People From The General Public names just like you stated above. It's uncanny how many times we come up w/ the same ideas.

Scott said...

Stretch Mark Mama, I like it when people use the word "cheeky."
You get a gold star today.

Tina said...

First time reader and commenter...all at the same time...wow...anway, I agree with who you said will make it...we shall see in a few minutes..Great blog!!!!

Diana said...

I love the visual of the blogging duel... I think I heard banjo music. I can't even get my hubby to read my blogs (though he let's me occasionally read the ones about the kids to him at lunch time). Pretty good call on your predictions, SOOOO glad you were mistaken about the 3rd place - hope Kara puts her foot down so we are never drawn into the drama again. Love your blog.

Hilty Sprouts! said...

You have to call glasses by name, he's...going...all...the...way! It's time to get attached.

Suzie said...

You're reminding me a little of Michael Scott from the office and the method he uses for remembering names.

How could you not mention the big red bow belt on the first girl?

So glad you and your wife are back. You were two of my favorite critics last season.

And crackers in bed....there's an old,old,old Barbara Mandrell song about eating crackers in bed. I had not thought about that song in years....so thanks... maybe it's foreshadowing. Some idol contestant might sing it this season.