"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sean Connery Is Pretty Much My Twin Brother

As I walked down a hallway in my children's school this morning, I passed two little girls who were hustling along to their third-grade classroom.

One of them stopped and grabbed the arm of her friend to make her stop too. She stared wide-eyed at me and said, "He is AWESOME!"

Contrary to what you may believe, I don't actually get that kind of response often. (Technically, NEVER.)

I had no clue how to respond, so Little-Miss-Good-Judgment got a "Well, I think YOU'RE pretty awesome, too" from me.

After their moment of starstruckness, they ran off to class, and I was left with the ponderous question, "Who in the world did she think I WAS?" Admittedly, all us bald people look alike.

Here are some possibilities. Perhaps you can think of more:

1) Mr. Clean
2) Paul Shaffer, band leader for David Letterman

3) Stephen Covey

(because, you know, third graders know so much about management consultants)

4) Yul Brynner

5) Montel Williams

6) Homer Simpson

7) "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

7) Samuel L. Jackson

8) Willard Scott

9) Sinead O'Connor

10) Lieutenant Ilia,

the Deltan Navigator in "Star Trek" the motion picture.

I'm sure there are other possibilities out there.
How 'bout you?
Who do third graders point and stare and mistake YOU for?


Tammy said...

Angelina Jolie....I think it's my plump lips and all my tattoos.

Or not.

Emily said...

I'm often mistaken for Prince. The sign.

THEhooahwife said...

The red hair frizzy hair makes people who lived through the 80s think Nicole Kidman.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I think you're cuter than all of them. :)

Everyone used to say I looked like Molly Ringwald. Now I get Beyonce.

Jennifer Raack said...

Van Diesel - you know, all of the kids liked that Babysitter movie....either that or she knew you were Cindy's husband!

Diana said...

I'm guessing they thought you were Chris Daughtry... can't see any of the other responses getting such a reaction...
When we were young one time someone thought my husband was Slash from Guns N Roses... he still has the hair, but now based on our waist sizes they just might think we ATE Slash...