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Friday, February 6, 2009


OK. Seriously, folks, doing taxes can be lots of fun.

For years, my tax situation was simple; it hardly took a half hour to do my taxes, and that included the drive to the post office to mail it.

But then I graduated from highschool.
After that, I had more jobs and got married and started producing babies like some mechanized assembly line. So now it takes a little bit longer to do our taxes. But thanks to TurboTax, it doesn’t take as long as I fear each year.

I used to buy the CD for TurboTax, but I have since learned the joys of the online service. (I have it bookmarked. I’m not sure of the specific address, but you can find it at www.intuit.com.) The great thing about the online service is that I can do a little at home, do a little at work, do a little on vacation, do a little in the bathroom or anywhere I am when the mood hits me. And I think that regardless of CD or online, it will pull all your old info from the previous year. It even showed me how much I had entered last year in areas like mortgage interest or retirement savings.

The coolest part is the scoreboard at the top that shows your refund as it goes up or down with each figure you enter. It feels kind of like a game on “The Price Is Right” when those numbers spin and you wonder how high they’ll go before they stop.

I know a lot of people gather all their materials and do their taxes once they have everything they need. Sure, that probably is efficient in its own way. This year, though, I chose to enter information online at TurboTax whenever the various bits of info got here. So if I got a W-2 at work, I hopped online quickly and entered the info. Later, I’d receive some charitable info at home and enter that. Sure, it probably took more time total, but I was able to do it here and there when I found a couple minutes to spare. But I didn’t have to look ahead and plan some horrendous work session to churn it out.

In fact, in some ways, it feels like I never really even did our taxes. However, the fact that a chunk of moolah was just deposited in my bank account this morning confirms it. I submitted them online last Wednesday, and I just got my refund today. That’s the quickest yet for our family.

Maybe we’ll celebrate by going to White Castle tonight for dinner since Cindy was deprived of that on our anniversary last week.


AmyG said...

We did the same thing here. I like how it was all saved there, for whenever we back into it.

And we got ours this morning, as well. Just in time to pay bills, lol.

Becky K. said...

Congrats! I haven't gotten to the tax thing yet this year. I guess it is about that time!

Emily said...

whoa, that's quick! Mine is due to come in 1 week, wonder if I'll get it earlier.

you've given me hope!

(and I always enter info as I get it too.)

Karen said...

"do a little in the bathroom"



Love your blog!

THEhooahwife said...

I LOVE Turbo Tax! I just tried the online version this year and I think from now on I will do it with that. I am so excited each year to get a return that I check constantly to see when my W2s will be posted and then call various places to get the rest of the info even before I get the documents... just so I can mail that baby out!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Baby, thank you for doing our taxes. It means a lot to me that I don't have to worry about it. :)

Raise Them Up said...

Oh, no. Not White Castle. At least bump it up to Steak and Shake! Just the thought of WC gives me indigestion. lol!