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Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Recap

I must confess that I failed to do my all-red/pink Valentine's dinner on Saturday for the girls.

As the day approached, I just felt apathetic about all the details of working that out.
Plus, the thought of red Jell-O, cabbage, beets and salmon turned out not to be as enticing as it seemed earlier in the week.

Instead, for breakfast we had red (well, actually orange) scrambled eggs pressed into heart shapes. And a little red food coloring in their milk.

That was enough for them to give me permission to lay off the red for dinner.

Instead, I made waffles for dinner covered in strawberries and whipped cream. They were perfect, my wife said.

However, just in case that wasn't enough to satisfy the grown ups, I also cooked some steaks and whipped out some store-bought sushi.

Believe it or not, the waffle-steak-sushi combination worked. Mostly because they were all served with a heaping helping of love, the main ingredient in every special meal.


rthling said...

Yeah, whatever.
I made goulash for dinner, which has tomato sauce, so it was red-ish. But then I had to whine about not having chocolate until hubby suggested Baskin Robbins.
But now that I've bought my own discount candy, I am okay.
We don't 'do' Valentines much, because our anniversary falls on the 25th.

rthling said...

And PS. according to some facebook flair that cracked me up, Valentine's Day is the day before the candy goes on sale.
I agree.

His Girl said...


Tammy said...

What?! No heart shaped Velveeta?

dorishawley said...

We found that "breakfast for dinner" gave us several Valentine's options - and it's a meal the whole family loves any day: heart-shaped pancakes, heart-shaped sausage,strawberry milk, almost did heart-shaped pats of butter till I realized I did not have a heart-shaped candy mold, also thought about doing pink eggs. Wish we would've thought about strawberry covered waffles, those sound good!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

It WAS perfect. Mostly because I didn't have to do anything but eat it. I love you.