"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Money Can't Buy You Foresight

We have a tradition in my family of origin where we buy cars from one another.
I've bought a couple of my parents' cars.
I've bought a brother's car.
My parents bought an uncle's van.
A brother bought another one of my parents' cars.
Another brother gave me a car.
That car made me smell like gasoline.
I generously donated it to some kidney foundation I saw on a billboard.

Anyway, it was time for my parents to unload their latest vehicle and I jumped all over it which put the dominoes into play.

After having a financial seance and getting in touch with the thrifty and fiscally-responsible spirit of Dave Ramsey, we decided to sell our Blazer and gather up some cash to pay my parents.

After less than 24 hours listed on Craigslist.org, I'd received a few bites on my car; the very first one arranged to see it at our church today after we finished basketball there.

When I came out, the family was already there climbing under my car, kicking tires, licking bumpers and whatever else people traditionally do to determine the quality of the vehicle they're about to be burdened with.

We shook hands, and I sent them off on a test drive around surrounding neighborhoods while I went back inside to clean up the gym.

When I came back out, they weren't there, and I started to think of various scenarios, all of which included this family of strangers cackling wildly about some sucker who gave them a free car.

A friend who was there with me asked if she should wait just in case I needed a ride home if these people never returned with my car.

Fortunately, these folks DID come back. On top of that, they whipped out a stack of 100-dollar bills and bought the thing right then and there.

UNfortunatley, my friend left when the family returned from the test drive; it wasn't until I'd watched my Chevy Blazer ride off into the sunset that I realized that my four daughters and I now had no way to get home.

Minor detail.


rthling said...

You crack me up.

TAMI said...

Hope those hundred dollar bills are real!!!

javamamma said...

But you had plenty of cash to pay a taxi!

Kritter Krit said...


Kudos on the sweaty wad of cash, though. =)

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I notice you left out the detail that I'm still freaked out about.

Tiffany said...

Let me guess:
You left your license plate and/or registration on/in the blazer so those questionable folks with the wad of (hopefully real) $100 bills can now have your address and other personal info. Am I close?

THEhooahwife said...

Hahahahaha!!!! Hilarious! Congrats on selling the car!

Lawanda said...

Oh dear!!! LOL!!

Diana said...

That's classic!
I totally want to hear Cindy's detail though...

DidiLyn said...

Yeah, what "detail" is Cindy still freaked out about?
That you left the girls in the car while your new friends test drive? Or...
"Yeah Cindy,there's good news and bad news. Good new...I sold the car! Bad news, the buyers are coming to live with us for a while..."