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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol, A 5-Pack of Rats

Tonight, for Cindy's 29th birthday celebration, I should probably step away from the internet and give her a little attention.

I probably SHOULD, but then I'd have nothing to do while she's blogging her fingers to the bone.

So I'll do likewise and let you know my heart-felt opinions about tonight's Top 5 competition.

I guess they're singing Rat-Pack Era diddies (ditties? ditees? diteez?) which I think should be good. For one thing, it'll probably put the kabosh on the screaming and yelling we've come to expect from a couple of contestants.

Let's see what these fellers bring...

Kris Allen sang "The Way You Look Tonight." I love this song, and I loved Kris' singing it. I honestly could sit and listen to him sing a whole concert of this genre. Here is where I usually say something incredibly witty, but with the birthday festivities, I'm just beat, so you'll just have to insert your own bit o' wit yourself. Seriously, folks, I can't be expected to carry the full load of snarky-humor responsibility here. Love is a two-way street, people.

Allison sang "Someone To Watch Over Me" which may or may not be the title of that movie with Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter where he's a fire-fighter pilot who dies (oops I just ruined the movie for those who haven't seen it yet) and he watches over her as a ghost (oops, giving away more) and at the end, he conducts a school orchestra or something. But back to Allison: I like hearing her in ballad mode, mostly because I am getting too old for the louder yelling music that's so popular with the kids these days. Note: she's looking as much like Rachel Ray as ever.

Matt is doing "My Funny Valentine" which will probably work even though we're considerably past Valentine season. I guess he could make it a little more relevant with "My Funny Easter Bunny." The judges were in disagreement about the level of Matt's "connection" with the song. Simon was particular complimentary with an "absolutely brilliant."

Danny did "Come Rain Or Come Shine." I didn't recognize him in the video segment with a hat and without his glasses. (Speaking of glasses, by the way, I just ordered new spex for my vision needs, and they might be Danny Gokey-ish. Actually, they're Randy Jackson brand. I'll show you a pic once I get them.) Well, Danny, you did awesome again, really awesome. He brought a lot of oomph and power to his song.

It should noted at this point that Paula has clearly been working with her grammar coach. Subjects AND predicates? What a concept!

Last up, Adam Lambert with "I'm Feeling Good" or maybe that's not the title, but those are some of the lyrics at least. I'm still not really a fan of the high-pitched yelling, which he ALMOST made it through the song without. But Paula liked it and called him her "Micheal Phelps." If you didn't get to watch the performance, you may not understand the comparison. It makes sense though when you realize he performed shirtless in a Speedo and swim cap. (Just kidding.)

They were all good tonight. Most were even great. But who has the most fans/voters?

Adam appears to be the front runner, but at what point do people realize that album sales for the virtual love-child of Queen and Meatloaf (Queenloaf?) may possibly be limited and start moving their votes over to singers who will sell actual CD's that *I* want to listen to? (After all, this competition is all about ME, right?)

So, be honest. Are you an Adam fan? Not just believing that he has skilz (he absolutely does), but do you LIKE the style and would you pay money to listen to him? I promise I won't mock you [much] if you say you do.


Tammy said...

I would pay NOT to listen to him sing!

I have enough drama with a 7 year old daughter...he just compiles the drama level that surrounds me on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Kari said...

Danny Gokey all the way!!! Woohoo!

Kritter Krit said...

Adam alternates between wowing me and frightening the kabonkers out of me.

Wrote my complete thoughts over on my blog (oh, boy!), if you're so inclined to check them out. ;)

Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Just want to tell you I have been loving your AI commentaries! I read them to my husband while he watches Ax Men or Dirty Jobs. I'm sure he takes it all in, although he never giggles the way I do...you know, he might be sleeping, anyway, I'm enjoying your take on the show!

To answer your question, no, I wouldn't buy an Adam album. I might go see him in a theater performance. I adore Danny and have since the first time he showed up on the show. Kris though, Kris is totally a dark horse. I, right now, would buy his album. I'd love to hear his stuff on the radio.

Sue said...

If I never hear him again, that'll be too soon. Clearly he's incredibly talented, but I can't stand the guy...
Now, Danny, Kris or Matt...I would buy their CDs in a minute.

Kacie said...

Kris is my favorite, but I really do like Adam. My husband, a rock fan, is CRAZY about his style. In fact, last night he you-tubed Adam's pre-idol performances in the music theater world, and watched them for probably a half-hour. He loves the screaming. So ... there is an audience, it's just totally NOT the moms! All of the mom blogs hate him. :)

Heather said...

I adore Adam. I would definitely buy his music/pay to see him in concert. But that's just me. :)
I understand he "scares" a lot of people, but I like his sound.

Sherri's Southern Style said...

Wouldn't spend a penny to see or hear Adam again. I suffer through Tuesday's right now. Danny's my choice, followed closely by Kris. Will buy both of their albums, especially if they are Contemporary Christian!

Headless Mom said...

Can't stand Adam. He is my must-go this season. Blech.

Suzanne said...

I'm a 60 year old Bible study teacher who feels myself imulating Phantom of the Opera attraction to "the dark side" in Adam. I am so glued to the TV when he is preforming. He is origonal and gives off the vibe of hurting (which totally appeals to my co-dependant DNA)
Maybe all of us Christians could just pray for him to come to Jesus and be a fine example of God's grace?
If not -- just pray for me because I feel 'I'm drifting, drifting....'

Susanne said...

First time commenting and just want to say I love reading your and your lovely wife's recaps. Adam? Madly talented but I'd never buy his CD. After reading so many people say they're getting bored with him and the same screeching in every song, I'm wondering if we won't end up with a shocker elimination. I'd buy Kris's album in a second!

Shelly W said...

I don't think I've commented here yet, and I feel like I'm dipping my toes into a pool I've never been in before. Weird.

Anyway, I love your AI commentaries and get a laugh out of them every week. This week I absolutely snorted when I read "Queenloaf"! That is just too funny.

I think Adam is very talented, yes indeed. But I would never buy his CD because he's just too over the top for me. All that hysteria and drama. Oh my. Plus, every time I see him I think about those photos . . . it's just all too much for my little heart to handle.

Now Danny Gokey, there's a CD I will definitely buy.

Erin McGraw said...

Thanks for the insight. I love the idea of "Queenloaf". I think Adam has talent but not as an American idol or an artist that would sell alot of records. If you just heard him instead of watching him I bet he would not be as impressive. I am for Kris and Danny.

jerriann said...

Queenloaf ... I love it! I may have to use it, okay? At this point in his career (?) I would not buy his album, he would have to prove to me that I could stand his music and I'm just not seeing that. I will buy Kris, Danny and Matt. For sure.

Love your post, thank you.

The Davidson Den said...

I'm over from BooMama--and I have to say your post was refreshing. I NEVER read blogs by DADDIES, so it's a switch, that's for sure.

Hmm...about Adam. Not.a.fan. Here's what I think. IF I were in NYC and IF I happened to have tickets to whatever the hottest Broadway show was at the time and IF he happened to be in said show, then I'm quite sure I'd be blown-away impressed with his piercing vocals from all the way down at that stage ('cause I could only afford the nose-bleed section).

Ha! You should read my review. I too noticed Paula's sudden ability to be intelligible!