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Monday, April 20, 2009

Depending On Your Definition Of Sacrilege, You May Just Want To Skip This

Oh, these wacky ministers' families and their silly little traditions.

For example, to reinforce the Easter story (and at the same time be able to enjoy a tasty marshmallow treat), we bake an Empty Tomb Roll together as a family. Easter was a week ago, but we still did this together this evening. I'm sure my wife has blogged about it in the past so I'll look for a link to that.

But in summary, you take Jesus (a marshmallow) and anoint his crucified body with a little oil (roll it in melted butter). Cover his body with burial spices (dredge it in cinnamon and sugar). Then place him in a tomb (seal him up in crescent roll dough).

Bake it for 10-12 minutes at 350, and amazingly, Jesus is no longer in the tomb, just a few strips of white linen (marshmallow stringiness).

To quote my daughters:

"He has melted!"

"He has melted indeed!"


AmyG said...

I read about this, on someone elses blog... not Cindy's, sorry! I'd like to try it... I'll have to remember for next Easter! Remind me??? lol

Becky K. said...

Oh, I want to shrink my kids and do this. At 18, 16 and 13 they might not appreciate it quite as much as younger ones but oh that sounds like a great activity to do.

Shelly W said...

Oh, we do that every year, but we call them Resurrection Buns. My teenagers enjoy helping with them as much as my pre-teen. And they're yummy!!!

Thomas and Lisa said...

A favorite with our family too. No crescent rolls available now that we live in the Philippines. We do have marshmallows in many different shapes and cinnamon, sugar and butter available but you really need the "tomb." Maybe the next time we are in the States around Easter time, we'll eat extra to make up for our years away!

rthling said...

I was sitting here, reading along, and thinking, "What a great idea!"
Then I came to the girls' comments and CRACKED.UP!

Kimberly said...

My husband and I are laughing out loud! Jesus melted at our house this year, too. :)

Sherry said...

How neat! I have heard of this, but never tried it. Cute activity!

Angi said...

ha, ha, ha, ha! love it!

Donna said...

LOL at "melted" Cute idea. When you ask my 3yr old about Easter the conversation goes as follows:

Mom: Anna, what is Easter about?
Anna: I dunno. Tell me. (great lil preacher's kid)
Mom: Remember, what happened to Jesus on the cross?
Anna: Oh yeah, He diiiieeeed.
Mom: And how long was He dead?
Anna: 3 DAYS!
Mom: But did He stay dead? What happened on Easter?