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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The First Egg Has Been Revealed

I may have mentioned that our children were tormented by camouflaged plastic eggs this Easter.

Normally you can spot the brightly colored eggs from the next county, but the green/brown/camo eggs couldn't be seen easily even if they were stapled to your eyelids.

(Yes, laboratory testing was done to verify this. My thanks/apologies to Mr. Schwarz's freshman biology class.)

I found the first missed egg so far. It was in the mailbox! Who doesn't check the mailbox in an egg hunt? It is among the top 5 classic places to hide an egg. The other four are:

2. Under the overturned flowerpot
3. In the tailpipes of cars in the driveway
4. In the Y of a tree
5. Nestled in a tulip

Other great ideas, though less classic, are:

6. On the roof. Nothing's more fun than watching children find eggs that they will never actually be able to retrieve.

7. Similarly, in the center of a ring of fire.

8. Attached to the collar of the neighbor's pitbull.

9. Buried 6 feet under ground.

10. In a snake hole.

11. On the very bottom row of a pyramid of canned vegetables so that when it's removed the 15 rows above it come toppling down. (I got that idea from Scooby Doo or something.)

See, aren't you already looking forward to next Easter so you can try some of these ideas out?

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