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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Then Again, Maybe You AREN'T Interested In My Garage

[It's been quite a while since I shared any WorksForMeWednesday genius with you. But I'm back today with what is likely to change your life...if you have children...and they have tons of basket/soccer/foot/volley balls.]

I'm fairly certain I suffer from mild bouts of OCD.

For a while last year, I was consumed with researching puppies and finding the right match for us. I ate, slept and breathed a million breeds of puppies. (Only figuratively. I think it's illegal in 27 states to eat puppies, and as far as breathing them...I had asthma as a child and I'm pretty sure one of the lingering effects is my inability to get puppies in and out of my lungs efficiently.)

My latest obsession has been my garage. It's not an exaggeraton to say that I check on it each night no fewer than 12 times before going to bed.

A couple of weeks ago, I began a massive overhauling of the garage. Prior to that, though, I'd spent a couple weeks mapping and planning. I had grid paper and was figuring out what would fit where. I went to bed at night dreaming about it and woke up before the sun, still reworking all the possibilities. Day after day.

I finally put my plan into action. Essentially it involved emptying the entire garage, throwing away 80% of that stuff, repositioning appliances and shelving units, and contemplating whether the children would notice if they no longer had any toys, sports equipment or bikes.

I had budgeted for wood and shelves and such, but ended up throwing away so much stuff we'd been clinging to, that I actually REDUCED the amount of shelves we had. Crazy. I know.

My favorite innovation in the garage was the shelving unit that now houses the 21,462,945 basketballs, soccer balls, footballs and eggs:

Actually, the egg cartons are full of golfballs my kids have collected. We store our actual eggs in the pockets of my golfbag.

As you can see there are bungee cords across the front which help hold all the balls in, but can easily be stretched to retrieve whichever ball you desire to play with. These balls that used to take over the whole garage are now limited to one small shelf, leaving room for other things in the garage...like vehicles, for example.

I already owned the shelves, so the only expense on that particular project was a set of bungee cords from the "Everything's A Dollar And The Employees Aren't Humored When You Ask How Much It Costs" Store.


Angela said...

Hey thats great!

His Girl said...

Everything's A Dollar And The Employees Aren't Humored When You Ask How Much It Costs" Storehah!

Heather said...

Awesome idea!!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

We NEED this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you come to our house and build the cool shelves? :) We are a big sports family so this little tip will be so helpful. Our garage is overwhelmed with sports balls, it's truly amazing that we have not run over any of these balls....dragged them down the road while stuck under our car yes, but we have never popped one!

Staci said...

Bungee cords are purt-near as valuable as duct tape!

jerriann said...

lovin the organization humor. I can totally relate to the planning stages, then the executing the plan. And I love to throw away things. That is true living there.

Diana said...

Totally forwarding this one to my husband... if for no other reason thatn so that he will no longer feel alone in the world where one must battle for his own garage... except it's drums he likes to place in there, not a vehicle... but the manly point remains the same.

Amanda said...

I love that idea. I saw something on smaller scale using bookshelves and elastic to make a "jail" for stuffed animals. Never thought of storing sports balls in such a system. What else can I (legally) contain with bungee cords?

Courtney said...

great idea and your post is just too funny!

{ L } said...

You have inspired me to clean our garage! And it desperately needs it. I really like your bungee cord idea. Thanks for visiting my blog too. :)

Marie said...

I wanted to ask you how much you paid for the bungee cords? Mine are lost!!