"The Muffled Cries For Help From a Daddy of Four Beautiful Little Girls"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Touching, Enlightening, Disturbing

I often go long periods of time in between checking in with my statcounter data. One of my favorite things to check out is the searches that landed people unwittingly at my blog.

Top on the list continues to be the 30-gazillion people suffering from blisters in their throats.

"blisters in throat"

"blisters in my throat"

"i have blisters in my throat"

and other variations.

Throat-blister-sufferering accounts for 1 out of every 4 searches that brought them here in the last few days.

Granted, I had been among their ranks at one point, but I feel bad for them because they've probably clicked over thinking I may offer relief, but pretty much the only advice I can give them is "Don't expect any sympathy from Cindy." See her comment on that post if you doubt me.

Next on our list of visitors to the blog via Google is our dear friend interested in...

"dried feces for toothpaste"

Please tell me that search was merely the result of a typo. I'm guessing he/she (who are we kidding; it was a "he") probably meant to search...well, I can't think of thing that could have been instead.

And finally,

"Are hamsters from Petco able to have kids"

Actually, from my experience, it's the hamsters from PetSMART that "have kids." Now, I don't mean "have kids" like "make babies." I mean "have kids" in the way you have a hot dog or have a slice of cheese. As in "those man-eating hamsters from PetSmart had my kid for lunch."

I'm glad you found me, folks, regardless of how sick (in any sense of the word) you may be.


AmyG said...

Eww on the feces for toothpaste!

I can't even tell you what led someone to my blog, because, well, I don't use that type of language & I can't believe someone found my blog because of that. There are some crazy people out there!

Emily said...


Big Doofus said...

The most popular page on my blog continues to be "Coney Dog vs. Chili Dog." It's something I posted a year and a half ago and I still get comments posted it to it.

I think I'll lift your idea and use this for a post sometime. There's some weird searching that brings people to my world as well.