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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol: I Assume "Dope" Is A Compliment

Judges pick the first songs for each of the contestants.

And so far, after the first two singers, I haven't ever heard these songs. Danny with "Dance, Little Sister" and Kris with "Apologize."

Unfortunately, neither one of those two stood out to me.

Adam stood out though. But mainly because his in-ear monitors were positioned in such a way that he looked like he had pixy/elf/Vulcan ears. My suspicion is that the new Star Trek movie paid for this bit of promotional exposure. Kind of like those silly Coke cups on the judges' table. Simon praised his own song choice of U2's "One" which kept with the theme of "Songs Scott's Never Heard."

On to Chapter 2: which I would like to be able to call "Songs Scott Actually Knows And Sings To His Children In The Car On Long Road Trips."

Like "You Are So Beautiful" with Danny totally mixing up the arrangement. Judges really, really liked it, but I personally was hoping his voice would've cracked at the end like when *I* sing it.

Kris is departing from my suggested theme by singing "Heartless" and strumming his guitar. Lyrically, it's not as complimentary to the ladyfolk as Danny's choice. Simon had written Kris off after the first song, but this song brought him back into the competition.

Adam's singing him some "Aerosmith." To quote Cindy, "for someone who screams so much, at least he screams well."

You know, there's so much more I could say, but The Biggest Loser is on right now AND Brynne needs her hair braided.

Duty calls.
I'm just hoping a lot of Adam fans have daughters with hair that needs braiding too.
...or wives with necks that need shiatsu-ing.
...or husbands with backs that need waxing.


Suzie said...

Me, too.....I thought tonight's show was a little disappointing.

amy said...

Glad it wasn't just me that thought Adam looked like a leprachaun last night!

Suzy said...

Yeah, you know he was hoping to win the Trekkies over. Let's face it, though, they probably already liked him. Glad Kris made it through.

Real Simple said...

hey from florida..rainy florida...but we need it. I am not am American Idol watcher..but I am VERY glad to shout praises that Kris won...How cool it is that a WORSHIP LEADER at a church in Arkansas won! I think it is. Let pray he uses it to glorify God! I think he will. Romans 8:28!
so anyway...i am just adding my 1/2 cent to your blog comments. and HI...MOLLY IS A SENIOR!

Real Simple said...

that is "an" American Idol watcher..fyi and "let's" pray ..typo's i hate them!

votemom said...

ok i don't know you or anything, but i read yours and your wife's blogs, and seriously dude - you need to update already.